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Postpartum Depression: Raw Thoughts

I’ve been absent for awhile, and the reason is simple. When depression creeps in, my creative expression is the first thing to go. Sitting down and writing is the last thing I feel like doing, even though I know it would help me cope in the long run. Even though I know that I’m not […]


On Putting My Marriage First

From the time Mr. Lion and I started discussing starting a family, we were in agreement about what our priorities would be when it came to raising kids. One of these priorities was that it was important to us that we continue to put our marriage first, even when we became parents. This is a […]


An Ugly Little Thing Called Postpartum Anxiety

They say placenta produces happy hormones. I am inclined to believe them, because I was the happiest pregnant lady. Perhaps even that annoyingly smiley kind it’s easy to hate? To say I was not prepared for the quick downslide of emotions after I gave birth is an understatement. After Will was born, I went through […]

My Experience with Late Onset Postpartum Depression

I was diagnosed with postpartum depression (PPD) in April of 2014. My daughter had just turned 10 months old. Trying to Google “late onset postpartum depression” yields very little by way of actual information, and both doctors I talked to (my OBGYN and my primary care physician) didn’t have a lot of definitive information about […]

Postpartum anxiety

I got up at 1am to feed Charlotte. While I was nursing her I checked Facebook, and my feed was filled with local news stations reporting that a killer had escaped from prison. The prison is about two hours from our house. My heart was racing and I was convinced that he was on our […]

The Darkest Days: Postpartum Anxiety and Depression

I knew well before I gave birth to Little Oats that I would need to be on the lookout for PPD. I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety for the majority of my life, and I remained on a mild dose of antidepressants throughout my pregnancy. Screening tests at the midwife gave me a high likelihood […]

How I Really Feel About Having A Newborn

I’m 35 weeks pregnant and will be “full-term” in about two weeks.  My actual due date is at the very beginning of August. How do I feel about meeting baby in August?  I am excited and curious to see what this next little person will be like. Will he be anything like me?  The first […]

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