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Postpartum Hair Loss: I’m Losing All My Hair!

Fun fact: during pregnancy, your hair gets all thick, full, and luscious. It basically looks just like those hair models in commercials, so walking around flipping your hair over your shoulder is totally acceptable. What’s that? People staring at you? They’re not looking at your ever-growing belly, they’re looking at your awesome hair. Second (not-so) […]


An Ugly Little Thing Called Postpartum Anxiety

They say placenta produces happy hormones. I am inclined to believe them, because I was the happiest pregnant lady. Perhaps even that annoyingly smiley kind it’s easy to hate? To say I was not prepared for the quick downslide of emotions after I gave birth is an understatement. After Will was born, I went through […]

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Belly Binders: Bellefit v. Belly Bandit

When I was pregnant with my first baby, Little Stroller, I purchased an abdominal binder, the Bamboo Belly Bandit, after reading about the benefits of binding the midsection after delivery. My midwife was a fan of ab-binding even for non-caesarean section deliveries. Plus, all those ads with the skinny woman holding a baby (who’s clearly […]

Post Childbirth Complications: Retained Placenta and D&C

I love sharing my labor and childbirth experience. It was a very empowering day for me, and it resulted in the best thing ever, of course – William! My labor wasn’t entirely ideal, however. I had a somewhat severe post-birth complication, which I was still figuring out more than two months after Will was born. […]

Postpartum Recovery: What I Didn’t Expect

Postpartum recovery is the part of having a baby that nobody ever talks about. Sure, there are thinly veiled references to buying pads, spending a lot of time on the couch, and not having sex for a while. But the details remain shady, and so you’re left to glean information from the corners of the […]

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Postpartum Survival Kit

The part of having a baby that I truly wasn’t prepared for were the first few weeks postpartum. I had a really rough recovery (involving a trip back to the hospital at 2 days pp, 25+ infected stitches, mega-doses of antibiotics and painkillers, etc.), so there were a few things I found to be lifesavers. […]

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Post partum, sleep deprivation and the baby blues

One thing I was surprised about was that not many women talk about recovery right after birth. All I saw were happy, smiley pictures of the baby and all the crying and misery seemed to be kept in private. I, for one, could not stop screaming from the rooftops about how difficult it was for […]

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