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Embracing the One-Piece

Today we went to the beach; A’s first time and my first attempt at bringing both kids solo (luckily Mac Daddy took an early Friday because I had to text him half an hour in to ask if he could please come help me!). Before we left I tried on the bikini set I had […]


4th Trimester Dressing

There are a myriad of dressing challenges when it comes to gestation. Every trimester has its own quirks and challenges and the 4th is no exception. A couple key issues I’ve run across when prepping for how I’m going to dress. After months of allowing my body to be someone else’s home, I’m ready to […]

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Retained Matter – When Your Placenta doesn’t cooperate after delivery

After I had Leila, I was amazed at how swift my recovery was. I didn’t need any stitches, and didn’t even bother bringing home most of the supplies that most moms snag from the hospital (ice packs, peri bottle, etc.). Despite the bleeding that continued for weeks after delivery, I was up and about very quickly […]


Breastfeeding Baby Two

Breastfeeding my firstborn was a battle for a long time. We started out well, but fought a shallow latch, tongue tie, thrush, and the need for exclusive pumping. Through sheer stubbornness we never had to supplement with formula, but it was really rough until we finally got things smoothed over at six months or so. […]

Comparing Postpartum Experiences from Two Pregnancies

Although they say every pregnancy is different, my two experiences were actually remarkably similar with the exceptions of morning sickness (none of with my first pregnancy, but fairly significant morning sickness for the first twenty weeks of my second pregnancy) and weight gain (about 40 pounds with my first, less than 25 with my second). […]

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Postpartum Body Image, the Second Time Around

One of the moments that sticks out to me, after I had M, was when I was getting dressed to go get my staples out. It was my first time putting on real clothes to leave the house, having lived in a nursing tank and pyjama pants for about four days. I was very swollen, still, […]


A Private Hospital Room vs. A Shared Space

Giving birth to M three years ago, we had a large room for labour, then moved over to a room that was still quite big and well-appointed after she was born. It was set up as a single room, though I believe they can add in an extra bed and a curtain if need be. […]

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