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Postpartum Recovery: The Second Time

Postpartum recovery is one of those things that isn’t often discussed in advance. I know for me, my birth class at 30 weeks was the first time I’d really thought about what recovery would entail. Sure, I’d read about pregnancy, labour, breastfeeding and sleep deprivation, but I hadn’t given a whole lot of thought to […]

My postpartum experience

When I was pregnant, I would talk to moms about their experiences with labor and delivery. What I didn’t ask about was their postpartum experience. The recovery from delivering a baby was probably more of a shock to me than actually delivering the baby.  I do have to say that the labor and delivery for […]

Postpartum 101

Before I had Drake, I remember wondering a lot about labor and delivery: what does a contraction actually feel like; will I really be screaming my head off like one of those women in the movies; what is the “ring of fire” and “urge to push.” Luckily there are a myriad of resources that document […]


Postpartum 101

My friend recently told me that she was using this liquid squirt bottle for cooking oil, and she couldn’t remember where she got it… turns out it was the peri bottle the hospital gave her! It’s amazing how much we forget, even in the first year! We had a good laugh but also revisited how insane those […]

How to survive the first 3 months – physically, mentally, and emotionally

The first three months with your newborn is hard.  Even if you have an easy baby (whatever that means), the sleep deprivation, endless crying, and constant feeding can make it difficult for any parent. I have struggled a lot through those early months for both Lil’ Pizza and Baby Pizza. I think I would be in […]


The Ultimate Postpartum Care Kit

Last week I hung out with a mom of a 3-month old and a 7-month pregnant mom to be. We got to talking about having babies, and the mom of the newborn said that she wished she had read more on what the postpartum experience would be like. It’s been almost 4 years since I […]

Postpartum Me

I gave birth to Little Bug about three months ago, and I am getting to the point where my body feels more like my own again. Except for the boobs, which are not mine at all anymore, but more on that later. I gained about 31 lbs during pregnancy and have lost all of it […]

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