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How to Survive the Early Days of Motherhood

I remember the moment when I realized that everything in my life had changed after I had Lil’ Tea Cup very clearly. I was in the shower at the hospital, the morning after I had given birth. I had a head covered with shampoo and had just gingerly put soap on a cloth while trying [...]

Embracing the post baby body

A few weeks after having my first baby, I remember toweling off in the bathroom next to the mirror after a shower when a streak of white caught my eye. Were my eyes deceiving me?  I looked a little closer and then I saw them — those long white streaky tiger stripes running across my [...]


Korean Seaweed Soup (Miyeokguk) for Postpartum

Miyeokguk is one of the easiest Korean soups to make – good thing too because it’s one of my favorites!  It is most often eaten by women postpartum, as well as on birthdays.  When I was newly postpartum with both my kids, my mother-in-law had me drink it 3x a day every day for the [...]


What I wish I knew before the first month

1. The baby will outgrow most swaddle blankets before the first month is up. The exception is the Aden and Anais swaddles, which are still so huge that if there’s a loose end, I will trip over it as it dangles over the ground when walk through the house with the baby.


Things I thought were invaluable during the first month

1. Giant hospital underwear (no one who needs to wear these has those abs!) 2. Giant hospital pads (mine were not so nice and contoured)


Our Little Deer: The Hospital Stay

After giving birth to Little Deer, I felt like I could take on the world. It was such a challenging yet empowering experience, one that left me truly in awe of my body and what I was capable of handling. Even though I had been awake for over 24 hours by that point, I felt [...]

Dressing the part – The Mom look

When I left the hospital after having Lil’ Tea Cup, I was wearing yoga pants and a tunic, both maternity and both falling off me. It turns out when you have a big baby, sometimes your belly disappears pretty fast!  Not to say I didn’t still have a belly there, but it was greatly decreased [...]

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