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Potty Training Fail

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Mr. Cereal and I decided to try to get LeLe potty trained. She was about to be 23months old, so we figured it was time to try. She had been showing signs of readiness and we both had four days in a row off to try the three day method. No suspense […]

Adventures in Potty Training: Part 2

I haven’t written a potty-training post in about a year and a half. Thankfully we have come far enough for me to consider Little Piñata officially potty-trained. (You’d assume so after 1.5 years, right? But, actually this officialness is quite new!) First of all, he did amazing with going #1 on the potty from the get-go. […]


Why I’m Waiting to Potty Train

I won’t lie – as soon as Jackson started to get close to the 18-month mark, I started to feel some pressure to potty train. I know it’s silly – he’s so young! But Pinterest is exploding with bloggers who swear they’ve potty trained their tiny little toddlers in a weekend, and everyone I know […]


It’s Potty Time!

It’s time, folks. As much as I was dreading it, Little Lion had shown enough readiness signs that we knew it was time to ditch the diapers. I found this article from Lucy’s List (which references the book, Oh Crap. Potty Training by Jamie Glowaki) really helpful, and we used this as the foundation of our strategy, […]

Potty Training Readiness

About a week ago, as we were getting Little Oats ready for the bath, she declared “I go pee!” Since she was diaperless, I put her on the toilet to see what would happen. Sure enough, she peed…and cheered herself on when she was done. I was surprised, but sure that it was just a […]

potty training essentials

Potty Training Essentials

They say that girls are usually easier to potty train than boys, but Charlie was easily potty trained while Olive was more of a challenge. We kept putting it off because she didn’t show much interest, then we were traveling, jet lag, etc. But starting a new preschool last fall was a great motivator for […]


Potty Trained at 20 Months

I’ve been holding off sharing this, because I didn’t want to jinx it, but since it’s been three months now and I can’t remember the last time she had an accident, I think it’s safe to say that my daughter is potty trained. Woohoo! I bought two cheap potty seats for the bathroom (one that sits […]

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