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potty training essentials

Potty Training Essentials

They say that girls are usually easier to potty train than boys, but Charlie was easily potty trained while Olive was more of a challenge. We kept putting it off because she didn’t show much interest, then we were traveling, jet lag, etc. But starting a new preschool last fall was a great motivator for […]


Potty Trained at 20 Months

I’ve been holding off sharing this, because I didn’t want to jinx it, but since it’s been three months now and I can’t remember the last time she had an accident, I think it’s safe to say that my daughter is potty trained. Woohoo! I bought two cheap potty seats for the bathroom (one that sits […]


Potty Training: Real Life Stories from the Confetti Trenches

Potty training. I can’t lie and say I was excited about this hurdle in the parenting journey. As I have written about before, I learned as much as I could before dipping my toe in the waters, hoping to skip mistakes before I made them. Well, research and real life collided, as we finally ripped […]

Potty Training: The Practice Stage

In my previous potty training post, I outlined the first three steps of the potty training process – modeling, explaining and play – as outlined by Janeen Hayward, Clinical Psychologist and sleep/behavioral consultant with Swellbeing. The next step – PRACTICE – requires a post all its own, since there was so much great information. For […]


Favorite Potty Training Books

Charlie was very easy to potty train at 2 1/2, and we probably could have trained him much earlier. I always assumed that girls would be much easier to train, but Olive is now almost 3 and though she likes sitting on the potty, she doesn’t like using it. We were waiting for the magical […]


Potty training for honey badgers: Boot camp

Behold: Our experience with 3-day potty training, in all its painful, TMI glory. DAY 1 7 a.m. — Little Y is wide awake when I walk into his room. “Is the diaper fairy taking my diapers away today?” he asks. At the beginning of the year, I’d told him the pacifier fairy was going to […]


Potty training for honey badgers: Prologue

I’ve always taken a low-key, wait-and-see approach to potty training. Little Y never seemed to show a lot of interest in the process, and a wet or dirty diaper rarely bothered him. He could walk around all day with a pound of poop in his pants if I let him. Honey badger didn’t care. When […]

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