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Potty Training: The Practice Stage

In my previous potty training post, I outlined the first three steps of the potty training process – modeling, explaining and play – as outlined by Janeen Hayward, Clinical Psychologist and sleep/behavioral consultant with Swellbeing. The next step – PRACTICE – requires a post all its own, since there was so much great information. For [...]


Favorite Potty Training Books

Charlie was very easy to potty train at 2 1/2, and we probably could have trained him much earlier. I always assumed that girls would be much easier to train, but Olive is now almost 3 and though she likes sitting on the potty, she doesn’t like using it. We were waiting for the magical [...]


Potty training for honey badgers: Boot camp

Behold: Our experience with 3-day potty training, in all its painful, TMI glory. DAY 1 7 a.m. — Little Y is wide awake when I walk into his room. “Is the diaper fairy taking my diapers away today?” he asks. At the beginning of the year, I’d told him the pacifier fairy was going to [...]


Potty training for honey badgers: Prologue

I’ve always taken a low-key, wait-and-see approach to potty training. Little Y never seemed to show a lot of interest in the process, and a wet or dirty diaper rarely bothered him. He could walk around all day with a pound of poop in his pants if I let him. Honey badger didn’t care. When [...]

Washing hands after using the potty is almost as exciting as the cracker for some reason.

Adventures in Potty-Training: Part One

For at least a year I have been dreading the “big transitions” that come at 2 years old. I know every child hits these milestones at different points, but I figured we’d start to tackle them after Little Piñata turned two. Just two days after his birthday party we started weaning from the pacifier and [...]


Potty Challenges with Public Restrooms

We potty trained Noelle when she was 2.5 years old… and since then, we’ve had our fair share of potty challenges (including a 6 month potty regression), with one of the biggest being her fear of public restrooms. I’ve lost count of the many times I’ve trekked all the way from one side to the [...]

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Potty Training Update

Liam is 25 months old and 100% day and night potty trained! I wrote about it when we were a few weeks in here, but I thought I’d give a more detailed breakdown of how it happened for us, now that he’s completely trained. Here’s what we used to get through it: Baby Bjorn Potty [...]

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