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It's amazing how two little lines can change your world. As I write this I am currently sitting in limbo, unsure about the future this line represents. To say this pregnancy caught me of guard would be fair, and if that was the only issue I wouldn't feel as frozen as I do now. The [...]


Top 10 Best (And Worst) Things about the Third Trimester

Oh, the third trimester of pregnancy. It is a time full of excitement, anticipation and change. Your body is growing at rapid speed, and you spend most of your time daydreaming about what life will be like once your new addition arrives and rocks your world. As I've inched closer to my due date, I [...]

Pregnancy and Body Image

One of my closest friends, a yoga teacher, recently said to me: “the cruelest part of pregnancy is how you see yourself.” At first blush, this sounds pretty harsh, doesn’t it? Of course she told me this after I had once again been on a rant because I found myself comparing my pregnant self to [...]

Placentas get me every time

A very long while ago, I wrote about how much I hoped for "normal" this time around.  And at 29 weeks, I must say that my wish has been granted for the most part. We moved when I was just out of the first trimester and while finding and getting set up with a new OB was [...]

Monitored vs. Relaxed Pregnancy

Beyond the fact that I'm carrying two babies this time around versus one, this pregnancy has been wildly different in many other ways. Since I had a super relaxed experience the first time around, I thought it would be interesting to compare the differences. OBGYN Office vs. Midwife Office Pregnancy 1: I saw a team of [...]


IUGR - the condition I had and never heard of

At my first prenatal checkup, when Baby Carrot was a wee 7 weeks in utero, my sonogram tech asked if the paperwork I filled out when I came in for a pregnancy test was accurate. Based on my last period and what I believed was the conception date, Baby Carrot was supposed to be measuring [...]

An Unhappy Easy Pregnancy

When I first found out at the tender age of 21 that I was pregnant, I felt devastated and alone. None of my friends were getting married; most of them weren't even in a serious relationship. I attended a very religious university so while others might be having sex out of the marital bed, the [...]

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