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Comparing a surrogate pregnancy to a non-surrogate pregnancy

With two little girls due in only a few weeks, I’m feeling reflective regarding the similarities and differences between the pregnancy that I’m carrying and the one that our surrogate is carrying for us. Left: my surrogate, Right: me It’s probably easiest to start with the greatest similarity between the two pregnancies, which is that […]

belly buds

Must-have product for a surrogacy pregnancy: Bellybuds

One of the things that I most worry about with our surrogate’s pregnancy is that the baby she is carrying might not bond with me and Mr. Starfish right away. A big reason that I worry about this is because we are not physically close to the pregnancy and baby on a day-to-day basis since […]


Pregnancy After Miscarriages

It’s funny how things happen. After three years of trying to get pregnant, two miscarriages, and finally completely giving up and grieving the fact we just weren’t going to have children, I found out I was pregnant. Obviously, after all that time praying and wishing and agonizing over wanting to have a baby so badly, […]


Five pregnancies. Two babies.

When my husband and I were newly married, I vividly remember the two of us joking around one day about what things would be like one day when I was big and pregnant and moody. My husband laughed and said, “Yeah, if you can even get pregnant!” Like it was a big joke and not […]

What to Expect For An Induction

I was induced for LeLe’s birth and I was scheduled for an induction for Little Bug’s birth, but I ended up going into labor early. I wrote this post a day before I went into labor. My induction date is looming and I am trying to get mentally prepared for it. I am still hoping […]

Getting Labour Started

I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant, and it’s been a rough few weeks. With my iron levels so low, and the awful pelvic and back pain I’ve been having, I’m ready for Baby Oats to make an appearance. At my most recent appointment, my midwife handed me a bright orange piece of paper. “I think you […]

My Road to Motherhood

I was not someone who always wanted to be a mother. Growing up, I never really thought I would have kids. I didn’t have a specific reason for this, but I just never really liked kids. I think I was actually kind of intimidated by younger children and I hated babysitting. When baby fever hit […]

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