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What to Expect For An Induction

I was induced for LeLe’s birth and I was scheduled for an induction for Little Bug’s birth, but I ended up going into labor early. I wrote this post a day before I went into labor. My induction date is looming and I am trying to get mentally prepared for it. I am still hoping […]

Getting Labour Started

I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant, and it’s been a rough few weeks. With my iron levels so low, and the awful pelvic and back pain I’ve been having, I’m ready for Baby Oats to make an appearance. At my most recent appointment, my midwife handed me a bright orange piece of paper. “I think you […]

My Road to Motherhood

I was not someone who always wanted to be a mother. Growing up, I never really thought I would have kids. I didn’t have a specific reason for this, but I just never really liked kids. I think I was actually kind of intimidated by younger children and I hated babysitting. When baby fever hit […]

Iron Deficiency in Pregnancy: The Followup

Here I sit, nearly 38 weeks pregnant, with iron levels that have dropped through the floor. When I last wrote about my low iron levels, I was confident that a regular supplement and some high-iron foods would reverse my problem. I took Palafer, which is a supplement designed for pregnancy, and it worked well when […]

Mr. P and I at our first baby shower.

Pregnancy After Infertility

When I was still slowly moving along with all of the tests, doctor’s appointments, and treatments that come with having infertility, I would often daydream about being pregnant. In a way it was hard to imagine; it just felt so far out of reach. But when I did think of it, I thought that once […]

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Beat the Heat: Tips for Summer Pregnancies

As a Canadian, the heat is one of the things I dream about from October to May, each and every year. When the cold sets in and the days get shorter and shorter, I long for the never-ending days of summer. How wonderful is it to leave the house without bundling up in four layers […]


Exercising During Pregnancy: Expectations vs Reality

Before I got pregnant, I was hopeful that I would be able to keep up my exercise routine during pregnancy. I really enjoy working out. I like the way I feel when I consistently exercise, and looking fit is nice too. I’ve done many different types of workouts from P90X at home, to spinning and […]

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