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1st Trimester-Worthy Films

Most of my first trimester, I’ve been hitting an energy slump at 2pm (and then again at 5pm, and by 8pm I’m ready for bed!). But since the afternoon slump is the exact time of my toddler’s daily nap, I usually get a little buffer time to nap, catch up on work, take care of […]


A Tiny New Gumdrop!

If I’ve been quiet, here is my secret – first trimester exhaustion! The Gumdrops are thrilled to be expanding and are hoping for another smooth pregnancy. I feel like I’ve had very little energy for anything beyond the basics, but it’s been more doable to be pregnant and raising a toddler than I worried it […]

34 weeks pregnant

34 Week Pregnancy Update

34 weeks pregnant When I found out I was pregnant back in Spring, the idea of a November due date felt years away. I was okay with that because it meant I had loads of time to prepare and get used to the idea that our lives would be changing drastically. But now that it’s […]

40 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy Update: 40 Weeks

How many weeks along are you? 40 Due date? September 27 (yesterday!) How much weight have you gained? around 30–35 pounds Symptoms? tired, sore, and mentally “done” with being pregnant; also some shooting pains down my leg sometimes from sciatica nerve How is baby looking? Well, according to my doctor he is measuring around seven […]


Six Months In

I am lazily making my way through this pregnancy. I don’t know if it is because this is my second child or because I am just so busy with work, school, preschool and life, but I haven’t had time to do much thinking about pregnancy! My friend had a baby three weeks ago and I […]

2017-08-08 17.35.58

Pregnancy Update: 27 weeks

Everyone was right when they said things move faster in your second pregnancy. The first time around, my knowledge of the topic was severely limited. I knew some of the details, but for the most part I was pretty clueless. Having gone through it, I feel much more comfortable in my body this time around […]

32 weeks

Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks

How many weeks along are you? 32 Due date? September 27 How much weight have you gained? 30ish pounds? I realized that my at-home scale, which gave me my pre-pregnancy weight, was off by as much as five to 10 pounds, so I’m unsure of exactly how much I have gained. Symptoms? insomnia (boo!), soreness […]

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