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Starting a New Job While Pregnant

I don’t know why Mr. Dolphin and I thought it was a brilliant idea to try to start getting pregnant while I was looking to change jobs, but we discovered I was pregnant pretty much the same day that I got an offer for my current job. Part of our reasoning was that almost all […]


The Journey to Two

After we were married, Mac Daddy and I knew we wanted to have a child, but weren’t sure when. Our wedding was in September 2012, and I can still clearly remember going for a walk a short while later, deciding that we’d get ourselves onto a rough five-year plan and start trying to conceive in spring […]


second trimester in review

First trimester in review here. The second trimester was an exciting time – we were out with our news, and I slowly began feeling more and more like myself as the weeks progressed. While the baby makes huge leaps and bounds physically in the first trimester (every day was something huge like, your baby has a beating […]


Tales of a Negative Spotter

I want to preface this post by noting that I am writing from the perspective of a patient, and do not have much medical knowledge on the subject. One of the first things they do when you’re pregnant is identify your blood type. If you have a positive blood type (which most of you probably […]


first trimester in review

Ahh the first trimester. I think if I had to describe those early weeks in one word, unfortunately the word would be fear. I felt on edge and nervous about a sticky babe (as hard as I worked to find excitement in each day), and fearful of what the next day would bring. Would it […]


Working with a midwife

Being a planner by nature, I spent plenty of time thinking about and researching pregnancy long, long before it ever happened. I have sort of been fascinated by pregnancy and birth since I was a little girl. During my “house” playing days, it seemed that on a weekly basis the plot involved a pillow under my shirt, […]


Our journey to pregnancy

The plan was always to make babies after our wedding. My husband really wanted to make that happen before we got married, but I held my ground on getting married first and the plan became all systems go after the wedding. On our honeymoon something shifted (okay, we found out more friends were expecting) and we discussed that we should […]

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