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Due Dates: why all the fuss?

What is it about those two little words…”due date”? They can cause stress, excitement, and so much anticipation…but yet, we all know it really is sort of irrelevant: that ONE date. I have started referring to a “birth window” (2 weeks around the due date), which seems so much more relevant, but society surely hasn’t caught […]


My Pregnancy: Starting a New Job at Six Weeks Pregnant

Spreading the news that you’re expecting a little one is usually pretty exciting – figuring out who to tell first (the cashier at the grocery store because she won’t tell anyone you know and you’re just BURSTING!), and then announcing it to the world through social media or with the clear appearance of a growing belly […]


My Pregnancy: When You’re Not Exactly Prepared

Life does not always go as planned. That’s a universal maxim, right? As in, make a plan and the universe laughs? That’s a good summary of how I got pregnant. Let’s dive into the long version, though. Mr. Milk and I had just returned from Peace Corps. We served in Cambodia and it was great! […]


Your First, My Last

As a first time mom, one of the things I anxiously awaited most was Drake’s first movements. I wanted to know what it would feel like… weird, bubbly, emotional. Week after week I would touch my belly and prod it, wondering when the little one inside me would finally greet my movements with one of […]

Nearing the Finish Line

It’s been a rough year. For me, probably the roughest of all rough years. Pregnancy is no picnic for anyone, but it seems for me complications are unavoidable. My first pregnancy was a challenge, and not to be outdone, my second pregnancy has been even harder. Throw in caring full time for a very active […]

At the End of a Well-Traveled Road

This post was written on January 23, 2015. Well, dear friends, it’s officially time to call the game.  As I’ve written about here and here, I really, really wanted to have a VBAC. At 39 weeks, with no dilation in site, I was discouraged but I still had hope that in the next couple of […]

I’m scared!

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. This is one of my absolute favorite axioms/universal truths. Something about this simple yet incredibly powerful statement rings true with me every single time I hear it, even when I don’t want it to; even when I really don’t want to be exactly where I’m supposed […]

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