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Searching for Toddler/Pre-preschools

After 2 years of having Baby Pencil with his nanny, I decided to enter him in school. Not necessarily daycare, but more like a classroom setting where he can be part of lessons and daily activities with his kids his own age. After seeing how much he loved his once a week toddler program, I was […]

Juliet (1 of 1)

She’s In!!

Juliet made it into our town’s integrated pre-school program! Not only is she going to be attending in September, but they also offered her a place in the 6-week summer program. Juliet will be starting school as of July! Before her acceptance meeting, we were given an opportunity to go into a classroom. This was my […]

Pre-school choices

I am right in the middle of choosing a pre-school for LeLe. Most of the schools around here are about to open registration for the fall, which means I am comparing my options as I type. It is crazy to think that I will have an almost three year old in the fall and that […]


Getting Ready for Kindergarten – Part 2 – Preschool

If you read my first post on this topic, then you know that my first baby will start kindergarten in the fall. While she might be ready, I am still really struggling with the idea of her being somewhere other then with me all day five days a week. Lil’ Tea Cup’s main care has […]

First Day Of School Signs

super cute printable back to school signs

I don’t know about you, but I’m in denial about summer nearing its end. I’d like to tack at least another month onto summer! However, back-to-school time comes with new excitement of its own. For me, school supplies are the best part. Mind you, I don’t have any kids of my own, so when I […]


D’s in Daycare!

D started school (well, daycare) a few weeks ago! He’s in the same center as K, although in a different classroom. It’s been a bit of a rocky start, but of course that’s totally normal. Up until this point he’s been with my lovely MIL while I’m at work (3-4 days a week), and the change […]

Please Stop Teaching Preschoolers to Read, Part 1

Okay, now that I have your attention, let me explain. I feel like, more than ever, parents are pressured to make sure that their little ones are not only prepared for Kindergarten, but that they are prepared to excel and be performing above grade level before school even starts. This DRIVES.ME.CRAZY. !!! When I hear […]

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