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Liam’s Preschool Book

As Liam’s first day of preschool crept up closer and closer, I started to feel very anxious about this big change in his routine. I have left him home with our beloved nanny since he was 4 months old, so leaving him somewhere while I went to work wasn’t new for me. The difference though [...]

Getting Ready for (Pre)School

After we enrolled in the Montessori school and I started to get an idea of what the children will be learning to do, I began to work at home with the cubs to get them ready for this new shift in our daily life. At first I was afraid that we would have to introduce [...]

Making the Preschool Decision

I can’t believe how fast my little man is growing up – Colin is starting preschool in a couple of weeks!  We made the decision last fall that we would splurge on a preschool program two mornings a week for this fall. At the time, my greatest concern was separation, since he was still having [...]

Well, This Should Be Fun!

The cubs and I are going to be starting an uncharted journey together in the coming week: preschool. One of the main reasons we haven’t enrolled the children in daycare or preschool before now is because it didn’t – and doesn’t – make sense for us financially. Mr. Bear is our sole source of income since [...]


For the Love of Dinosaurs

I loved Mrs. Confetti’s post about maximizing opportunities regarding your child’s obsessions and how to develop and enjoy that love of theirs with them. At the time, I started thinking then about what my toddler’s obsession is. J doesn’t have obsessions, but he has things that it is very apparent he loves, and a little [...]


Transitioning to Daycare

A little while back I shared that Miss H will be transitioning from her nanny share to a daycare. When I wrote the post the changes still felt so far away. Now, we’re at less than 2 weeks away from big changes! Time is moving too fast. Backpack on and ready for school! When I [...]


Pre-School: MWF or TTh

Though it’s only March, I am starting to think ahead for the next school year. Drake’s preschool is pretty competitive with spots, so I am already being asked by the school about signing up for next year, and I am unsure what the best course of action is for Drake. I had a lot of [...]

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