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Educational Gifts for Pre-Schoolers

Drake is at a wonderful age for learning. I have always leaned toward educational toys, but now that he is going to school and picking up things left and right as well as expressing an interest in certain topics (animals), I have been trying to look at toys tailored to meet his growing interests. This [...]


Go to gifts for pre-school kids

Since Drake started school this year, he has been invited to numerous birthday parties from his classmates. His class was very small this year -- only 6 other kids besides him -- but we ended up going to many more parties including those of family friends and friends from other classes we've made. Next year [...]


Favorite 4 Year-Old Toys

At 4 and a half, Lil' CB's bike and basketball hoop are probably his most favorite toys. But, he hasn't abandoned his little boy toys quite yet! Lil' CB has definitely moved from playing with a toy for a few minutes here and there to focusing on one type of play for much longer stretches [...]


Board Games for Preschoolers

Lil' CB has been really into board games lately, and now that he's 4, he's able to play many different board games, so we're not just exiled to Candy Land anymore. (Thank goodness!) Board games are such a wonderful way to teach and encourage social skills: turn taking, paying attention, gracious winning and losing, etc. [...]

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Toy Review: Magformers

We try to stick with the toy-buying strategy of "no buying any toys," because we get so many hand-me-downs and gifts. Each year after the kids' birthdays, we have them open a few gifts and set aside the rest to dole out slowly throughout the year. And somehow, we end up with a great variety [...]

travel toys

Packing Checklist for Flying With Children - Part Two

We're headed to the Philippines again this summer to visit Mr. Bee's parents because our daycare closes in August. It's also hard for his parents to make the trip to visit us, so we only see them once a year. Our trip to the Philippines last year was 8 flights (NY -> LA -> Tokyo [...]

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