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Beach Windsock Kid Craft

Printable Beach Windsock Kid Craft

No matter the time of year, visiting the beach is a fun vacation or day trip. With this printable windsock craft, kids can learn a bit about which ocean friends and objects live on the shore or under the waves! If your little one loves to color, they can decorate the entire thing themselves. Or, if […]

Star-Spangled Banner Crown

Star-Spangled Banner Crown Kid Craft

Oh say can you see…this glittery star-spangled banner hat? With all of its shimmering metallic details, this will be one hat that’s hard to miss on the 4th of July! Sure, it’s a little silly, but it’s also a fun project for kids to make and wear. Help them out with a few of the […]

Printable Jelly Bean Garland

Printable Jelly Beans to Craft with Your Kids

This project is a quick and easy way to create some Easter decorations, and your kids can help! With the free pastel jelly bean printable you can make garlands, a simple matching game, cake toppers, and more. These happy printable jelly beans are great for cutting practice too. Or, if you’re little one isn’t quite ready […]

Fruit and Veggie Maternity Printables

Fruit and Veggie Baby Size Printables

Are you expecting a new little one? Or are you expecting to be expecting soon? These printables are here to help you document the time and get a visual for how your baby is growing… by looking at fruits and veggies! This is probably an idea you’ve seen before, as it shows up on a […]

Parts Of A Christmas Tree Printable 3-Part Cards

Parts of a Christmas Tree Printable 3-Part Cards

Want to help your kids with their vocabulary while they enjoy some Christmas matching? Print out a set of these Montessori-inspired cards and watch them learn to read the words that describe the parts of a Christmas tree! In Montessori classrooms, 3-part cards (also known as nomenclature cards) are common. They teach children to identify elements […]

Snowflake Printable Design Cards

Paper Straw Snowflake Printable Design Cards

Stuck inside this winter? These printable cards are a perfect way for your kids to play with snow, and make their own, without the cold and wet. They’ll keep them occupied, but they’ll also give plenty of fine motor practice, matching and measuring skills, and more. The snowflakes are created with pieces of straws placed on […]

First Day Of School Signs

super cute printable back to school signs

I don’t know about you, but I’m in denial about summer nearing its end. I’d like to tack at least another month onto summer! However, back-to-school time comes with new excitement of its own. For me, school supplies are the best part. Mind you, I don’t have any kids of my own, so when I […]

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