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Important Phone Numbers

We have an Important Phone Numbers Printable for you today! This is designed to go along with our Emergency Contact Sheet. My parents always had a list of important phone numbers taped to the side of our refrigerator growing up, and I thought that Mr. Bee and I should have an easily accessible list for [...]


Holiday Gift Tags

I need to give the three teachers at Charlie's daycare Christmas presents, so Minhee designed some adorable gift tags I could affix to the gifts. Here are two versions that you can fill in and print at home. Click here for the banners, and here for the snowmen! Now I just need to decide what [...]


Olive's Birth Announcement and 3 Printables!

This is the email birth announcement we sent out recently!  Olive smiles so much (supposedly preemies smile more than full term babies), and she looks so happy in that last picture. It really captures her personality. We have a printable version of this birth announcement along with two other styles below!


Printable: ID Cards

A couple of weeks ago, Charlie was playing with Mr. Bee's wallet and loved pulling all the cards out and putting them back in.  But he loved Mr. Bee's ID best of all, as he kept pointing to the picture and saying "Dada."  That's how I came up with the idea of printable ID cards [...]

baby schedule yellow frame

Printable: Baby Schedule

Because Charlie had three different caretakers -- me, Mr. Bee, and our nanny -- it was really helpful to have a written schedule of when he ate, slept, pooped, and peed that all of us could easily access.  So I created a form in Excel, made copies, had it bound into a book and all [...]

packing your hospital bag bee edit F-mc2

Packing Your Hospital Bag

Now that my delivery date is less than 6 weeks away, I need to start thinking about packing my hospital bag.  Because I'll be getting  a c-section, my hospital stay will be longer than the 24-48 hour average stay post vaginal delivery.  My hospital requires you to stay 4 nights post c-section, so I'm definitely [...]

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