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Our first shipment

Shipping Breast Milk – Our Process

We are so incredibly fortunate that our surrogate offered to continue pumping for Baby Sea Otter. In most surrogate contracts, the surrogate chooses whether or not they’d like to pump for the intended parents, and there is usually a fee associated with it. The fee varies, though in most situations I’ve encountered it’s about $1 [...]


Wohm Pumping Essentials

As a WOHM, these are my pumping essentials!

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Pumping procedures and pitfalls

Pumping is difficult to fit in at work where I need to be on duty 100% of the time. But at any other store during the weekends I wouldn’t have any pharmacist overlap for breaks or lunches, so I’m very lucky to be where I am. I’ve learned a few little tips and techniques for [...]

Back at work: Day 2 and 3

I went back to work two weekends ago and had a bumpy start on Sunday, and was back at it again the following Saturday. This time I threw some beef and veggies in the crock pot the night before so I would have a heartier dinner to look forward to than a simple bagel. I [...]


What Baby Gear Can You Buy Used? (And Breast Pumps are Covered by Insurance!)

Before I knew I was pregnant, I read the book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. After reading this book, I set out a goal for myself to not buy anything but gas and groceries for a year. With this in mind, when I found out I was pregnant, I developed some anxiety about any non-practical [...]

Swarm - deer

Swarm: The Cost of Breastfeeding and Pumping

Inspired by this boards thread, the Bees share what breastfeeding and pumping supplies cost them in this edition of the Swarm. L I T T L E  D E E R  -  6  M O N T H S As with many of the other Bees, we found that breastfeeding definitely had hidden costs. I’m [...]


The first Wagon Family trip

Our family does not travel often. We have taken many long road trips to visit family and attend weddings, but we almost never go anywhere that requires a plane ride. In fact, at almost 3.5 years old, we had never taken Wagon Jr. on a plane. The few times we had to fly somewhere, we [...]

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