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Spectra S2 Breastpump Review

There’s a new player in the breast pump field! Meet the Spectra line of pumps. It’s not an Ameda and it’s not a Medela, but it’s still an awesome pump that can totally run with these big names. Above: The Spectra S2 breast pump. When the Trikester was born, I picked an Ameda double electric, […]

tips for exclusive pumping

A Few Tips for Exclusively Pumping

After William became a full-on bottle lover, I, by necessity, became a full-on breast pump devotee. There are a great deal of wonderful resources out there for women who exclusively pump (and those who supplement via pumping), which I loved reading as I began my path to “EP-ing.” Consider this my humble contribution for all […]


Quitting the Pump

I shared awhile back about our decision to bottle feed our twins – for the first three months we were doing a combination of pumped milk and formula for the babies. As the twins were each eating about 30 ounces per day and I was only pumping 12 ounces per day, the amount of pumped milk they received […]


Sir Pump a Lot

Let’s talk about pumping! My preferred title was already taken by Mrs. Yoyo, but I think this one is appropriate too. :) This is an area where I have a lot of experience but am thankfully done forever. I nursed K for 13 months (pumping at work for 10) and pumped for D (mostly at the […]


Medela Freestyle vs. Pump in Style

When I was pregnant with Miss H, I didn’t do a whole lot of research into pumps. I had heard the Medela brand enough to determine that I’d probably buy a Medela. And when I started looking at the different models, I mostly focused on price. They were all fairly expensive but the price difference […]

Not pumped about not pumping

I’m HERE! 8+ months post partum and I’m saying goodbye to my pumping days. In the beginning, thought I was only going to last 1 month… then 3 months… then 6 months. Finally at around 7 months, I decided it wouldn’t be the worst thing to naturally dry up. Now at 8 months, I’ve decided […]

Post-bottle snuggles with Daddy

Tips for Exclusive Pumping

I laugh about this now, but when I was pregnant with Little Lion I didn’t think I would need a breast pump. “Get the double electric one! You will be glad you have it.” Mr. Lion assured me. But I was convinced that, since I was going to be staying home, a single manual pump […]

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