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talking with children about race

Talking with children about race: Part II

Some time ago, I broached the subject of speaking to children about race.  This is an especially important topic in our family as we raise daughters of two different races to become strong women rooted in their history who are thoughtful about the world.  Recent events have spurred a lot of discussion on the boards [...]


books about race and multiculturalism

Growing up, I was one of only a handful of Asian students in my grade. This changed once I hit middle school and a large wave of new immigrants from Korea started moving into my town. But, in those early elementary years, most of my friends were blonde-haired and blue-eyed and I wanted to be [...]


Talking with children about race

Back in June, there was an excellent blog post on the importance of talking to children about race.  Since then, I have wanted to delve into the subject even more, but it is difficult to confront in a thoughtful and constructive way.  But the other day, I read an article that spurred me to make [...]

We’re failing our kids when it comes to race

Most parents assume that if they tell their kids from the get-go that people of all races are equal, the message will sink in. According to the book “NurtureShock,” researchers say that’s not the case. A study on racial attitudes on children in the relatively liberal, diverse city of Austin, Texas, found that while parents [...]


Where are you from?

When I was growing up, people would often ask me, "Where are you from?" Here is a picture of me and my identical twin brother as wee lads, to explain why people were so confused: Don't hate on the bowl cut and the matching shirts! Anyway when people asked, I would just tell people, "I'm [...]

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He's not adopted

This past weekend, it finally happened. The kiddo and I were navigating a packed meeting house at a state park. Papa Y had just run a 10K there, and we were trying to find him after pilfering a complimentary post-race cookie. The building was filled with racers, and I kept losing sight of him. As [...]

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