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Turning to a Reproductive Endocrinologist

A few months after my chemical pregnancy, I went for my yearly physical. My primary care physician asked if we were planning to have any more children and I gave her a brief overview of our story so far – three years of trying to conceive and two miscarriages before we had my son, ten […]

robertsonian translocation

Why We Chose Embryo Adoption – Part 1

I naively assumed that since my husband and I were both young and healthy, we would get pregnant quickly. In 2011, after we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, we decided we were ready to start trying. Several months after we had “pulled the goalie”, we had not had any luck. I picked up a copy […]

Reproductive Endocrinologist

As I mentioned previously, I was very hesitant to admit that there was something wrong with me, and couldn’t figure out why my regular doctor couldn’t help me get pregnant. I knew seeing an RE would be expensive. Very few states offer infertility insurance coverage, and our state isn’t one of them. I knew my […]

PCOS, Clomid and our journey toward parenthood PT 2

Part 1 Before I met with my reproductive endocrinologist, or RE, my husband and I had to fill out a very comprehensive questionnaire.  It asked very detailed and personal questions about our TTC history.  There was also a section on genetic testing and family medical history.  It took me six weeks to get an appointment […]

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