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tips for cultivating a love for reading in children

8 Tips for Cultivating a Love of Reading in Children

My love of books is so strong that I have always hoped that my children would have that as a shared interest.  My heart actually breaks a little whenever someone tells me they don't like to read.  My favorite way to unwind is with a book in a coffee shop, or curled up under a [...]

A perfect distraction during sunblock time

Growing a reader - Part I

For as long as I can remember, whenever I had to list my hobbies somewhere, the only real thing I could say was "reading." I became an insatiable book nerd at the wee age of two, when I had to live with my grandparents for a few weeks and my grandfather made it his personal [...]

The way we play

Play and learning have always been of big interest to me. My mother is a teacher, and I worked with kids of all ages all through high school and college, so when it came time for me to become a mom, I really took the idea of being my child's first teacher head on. Before [...]

Kindergarten prep

What We're Really Doing

A few months ago, Mr. Cowboy and I registered Lil' CB for Kindergarten. I actually managed not to cry... mostly because I was helping run the registration since it was at my school. Yep, in a little less than two months, Lil' CB will be a Kindergartner and I'll continue to teach Kindergarten at the [...]


1000 Books Before Kindergarten

I love setting goals and would love to impart that ambition to my son, so when I found out about the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Program at my local library, I was excited to have something new to do with Jacobi that also had an end goal! While I definitely want to continue reading well [...]

Why read to your kids?

Reading to our kids from birth is incredibly important and thankfully, the importance of reading to children is not debatable. But with busy schedules, it is easy to let reading slip to the wayside, especially if our kids don't have a natural love of books. I will be honest... there are some days that pass [...]


Surgery by Seuss

The other day I was riding along in the car with the girls. My Garmin, friendly little device that it is, popped up a little reminder. Apparently my map needed to be updated. Thanks for that, Garmin. I found myself saying, not entirely under my breath, "My map is old, my teeth are gold. I [...]

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