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How to Raise a Bookworm

My parents were first generation immigrants whose second language was English, and like many immigrants who were busy endlessly working, they never read books to me as a kid. Perhaps it was due to it being a simpler time with less distractions and less to do, but I was lucky to develop a love of reading anyway. […]

Summer Reading Activities for School Age Kids

After BeBe’s first year of elementary school, I’m loving the relaxed summer schedule. But, I want to prevent the summer slide. This is when kids lose literacy skills during the summer because they don’t have a chance to practice their academic skills. With that in mind, and because we love books, I wanted to do something […]

Using Pig Latin to Teach Your Kids to Read

Last year Charlie watched an episode of Teen Titans that featured the characters speaking pig latin. He was immediately obsessed with learning this “language” and has been using it regularly since. He was 6 years old and could read, so it was easy for him to pick up. I’m sure most of you are aware of […]

The Help

What, When, & How to Read More When You’re a Mom

Like many of you, I love reading and want to read more this year. To keep me accountable and hopefully provide a little inspiration to my fellow book lovers, I’ve committed to sharing my reading progress this year on Hellobee (you can find my January update here!). Loving and wanting to read is one thing; […]


5 Every Day Ways to Promote Early Literacy

Little Lion is approaching 4, and the older he gets, the faster he is learning! Sometimes it blows my mind how quickly he picks things up. This is probably my favorite age yet. It is so much fun watching him soak up the world around him. While this is not limited to literacy, LL is becoming […]


My Little Bookworms

Growing up I was a serious bookworm. I loved to participate in those summer reading programs at our public library and would get pretty excited about it once school got out. My summers would be consumed with reading about the Babysitter’s Club, the American Girls series and the Sweet Valley High twins. I hoped to […]

Book extension and play ideas at Hello Bee

Book extension and play ideas!

Most young children love books and often have their favourites. My five-year-old likes not only to read his favourite books but also to act them out, to role play with them. He will get out toys and retell the stories. This feels like important play and important for his development. To make it easier, and […]

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