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chicken pesto pasta

Chicken & Vegetable Pesto Pasta

When it comes to cooking, I’m not very exact. I definitely get this from my mom as she’s the queen of “here’s a casserole made out of some leftovers I had in the fridge and it turned out pretty well.” So, recently I experimented and ended up with a really tasty gluten-free pasta dish! Just [...]


Lactogenic banana bread

I adapted my low fat banana bread recipe to be a little more lactogenic based on what I’ve learned about possible substitutions, and I was really surprised that it was moist, and that it actually baked through (I’ve often made disaster quickbreads where the center never sets and remains gooey, especially when I’ve substituted applesauce [...]

Veggie Monster Muffins

As Kennedy starts eating more and more table food (who am I kidding…she never ate baby food), its’ a real struggle to get vegetables into her. All of our go-to snacks seem to be carb-based; crackers, puffs, MumMums, toast. Its pretty tough to hand a ten-month-old a leaf of lettuce, and she doesn’t seem to [...]

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

I don’t know about where you all are, but it’s really hot here. And despite having central A/C on 24/7, my beloved morning cup(s) of coffee are way too hot to handle right now. For the past few years I’ve been brewing coffee in our french press at night to have over ice in the [...]



I have found the most amazing spice combination ever – harissa, thanks to my new favorite chef, Heidi Swanson, and her cookbook Supernatural Everyday. Spicy raw garlic, tangy lemon, and spicy-smoky powder – so delicious! Harissa is a Tunisian hot sauce that is often added to couscous, soups, and stews. It can be used as a [...]


Tropical Yogurt Pops

It’s beyond hot outside, and what’s a better way to beat the heat when the temps are high than to nibble on frozen popsicles?! Instead of buying a box out of the freezer section, I decided to start making our own; that way I can continue shopping the perimeter of the grocery store and control [...]

banana bread

Super Easy Banana Bread

I was staring at yet another bunch of over ripe bananas hanging from my counter on a rainy day and I thought it might be nice to do some baking with Drakey. I decided to try out this banana bread recipe because it was super easy and fast, and I had all the ingredients on hand in the [...]

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