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40 Red, White and Blue July 4th Dishes

We’re taking off a little early today to celebrate the July 4th holiday! We’re going to a farm stay in the Catskills this weekend at a working farm, where the kids will be able to help milk cows, collect eggs, and pick vegetables and eat them. I’m so excited! Before we take off, I wanted to […]

hydrating berry popsicles l Hellobee

Hydrating Berry Popsicles

It took a wicked virus to remind me how much I love popsicles. While I was sick, the only thing that sounded remotely appealing was something frozen, but I wasn’t stoked by the idea of overly sweetened commercial pops. This is an issue I have in sickness and in health, and not just from a […]


Simple 20-Minute Brownies

I’ve never met a brownie I didn’t like. They’re fudgy, cakey, warm…and go best with ice cream. Best of all, when the prospect of dinner guests greets you suddenly, they can be whipped up and served in less than a half hour.   I’ve experimented with probably a dozen different brownie recipes over the years. […]

cauliflower cheese recipe

Delicious Cauliflower Cheese Recipe

Mmmm I love finding new ways to eat cauliflower because it has such a neutral taste and can be transformed a hundred different ways. I’m always finding ways to up my vegetable intake, and chopping, blending, and hiding cauliflower in my food is one of my favorite ways to do it. It’s like eating mac […]

millet mango tabbouleh l Hellobee

Millet + Mango Tabbouleh

In the past couple years, I’ve become smitten with salads where fresh herbs are the star. My New Roots has a few I’ve made and enjoyed on more than one occasion, including Moroccan carrot ribbons with black lentils and a minty black bean salad. In the latter, Sarah Britton writes “The herbs in this salad […]

3 bean salad elimination diet friendly

Three Bean Salad – Allergy & Elimination Diet Friendly

Mother’s Day fell just a few days after I finally got to the bottom of the extensive list of the foods I was eating that were upsetting my breastfed baby’s tummy. I’d been dealing with a colicky baby for so long and was just beginning to turn a corner, so I didn’t want to risk […]


Allergen-Free Fudge Brownie in a Cup – Elimination Diet Friendly!

When I first started my elimination diet journey I was really into figuring out what kind of treats I could make that would still be okay for Baby Brother Stroller’s tummy. I made dairy-free versions of my favorite lactation cookie using coconut oil (best stored in the freezer) and then gluten-free brownies using Bob’s Red […]

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