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Instant-Pot Recipes

We love our Instant Pot. While I had a slow cooker before, it rarely got used. Our Instant Pot, however, regularly sits on top of our counter because of how often we use it. I love that I can cook beans quickly, even if I forgot to soak them. I also appreciate that it doubles […]

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Canned Tomatoes Season

A few weekends ago my kids were invited to a birthday party at a friend’s house. The party was lots of fun (complete with an appearance by Batman!), and, as an added bonus, the parents offered to send us home with a bag full of garden fresh tomatoes. As a tomato lover and a wannabe […]

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10 Dinners I Make and Serve In Ten Minutes or Less

Originally, I titled this post, “Dinners For When I Give Up,” because that’s often what it feels like. I have many inadequacies as a mother, but one thing that I do try really hard on is making sure the kids have home-cooked, healthy meals every day. Most of the time I succeed, in some part […]

Fresh watermelon juice and lemonade, a gift for our neighbors who give us fruit from their citrus trees!

Our Favorite Kitchen Tool: The Juicer

Ace does not eat fruits. Or vegetables. It isn’t that he doesn’t like the flavor, he just can’t get over the texture. He was in feeding therapy for nearly a year, and by the end we still struggled to get him to take a single bite of watermelon. He will sometimes eat bananas (which aren’t […]

Healthy Packable Breakfasts

At Lion and Panda’s new daycare, we can bring breakfast for the kids (they provide all snacks and lunch). Although they both eat something as soon as they wakeup, we also bring breakfast for them since most other kids bring food and I didn’t want them to feel left out. I try to make sure […]

Couscos (1 of 1)

Couscous Salad

My friend made this amazing light summer salad recently at a block party in our neighborhood. I loved it so much I had to ask her for the recipe to try it myself. I made it the other night and Mr Chocolate also raved about it. We paired it with a simple grilled chicken and it […]


Eating with the Season: Summer

I love sharing food and recipes. Cooking and baking has always been a passion of mine, and I’m on the eternal quest for the best recipes. One thing I love about food is how it brings people to together. I remember when my husband and I were on our babymoon and we went out to […]

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