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Overnight Oats with Orange and Pomegranate Juices | Hellobee

Overnight Oats with Orange and Pomegranate Juices

I’m always on the lookout for new ideas for make-ahead breakfasts to add to my lineup of baked oatmeal and freezer egg-based recipes. With warmer weather we’re looking for a replacement for our homemade frozen breakfast burritos – something cold but with the same satisfaction factor. Overnight oats first came to mind. Perhaps you’ve heard [...]


Pasta e Fagioli in the Slow Cooker

It seems that spring may finally have sprung! Maybe? Hopefully?! And in the spring, I love to put my slow cooker to good use… making soup! I know, I know. That seems totally wrong, right?! Soup is supposed to be a winter staple. Here in New England, there’s still a chill in the air… but [...]

Mix and Match Baked Pasta Dishes

Toddler eating habits make for frustrated mothers. My pint-sized fickle one is completely unpredictable when it comes to what he will and will not eat, but there are three things that I can almost always get him to eat: dairy, fruit and noodles in most forms. Dairy and fruit are fairly easy, and are reserved [...]

Smothered Liver & Onions

I hesitate to share this recipe because I know that liver is not often a favorite dish. However, it can be a SUPER healthy one! If you buy liver from grassfed beef, you are eating one of nature’s best superfoods! It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals that are difficult to get other ways. And of [...]


Cauliflower Macaroni & Cheese

We are always looking for new recipes that are easy to throw together while also integrating some vegetables wherever possible. And if the recipe just happens to be a delicious, childhood comfort food, then that’s a huge added bonus! I didn’t start liking cauliflower until I was an adult, but once I fell in love [...]

Homemade Easter Marshmallows | Hellobee

Homemade Easter Marshmallows

I’m not sure why marshmallows feel like Easter candy to me (well, Easter candy or a hot chocolate garnish). Maybe it’s because they’re light and springy? Or is it really just because of Peeps? I’m not sure I’d have the patience for homemade Peeps, and even if I did I’d be worried they would turn [...]


Crunchy Millet Low-fat Banana Bread

When I was in high school, I pulled the now out of print Canadian Living’s Best Muffins and More out of the school library and was hooked on their banana bread recipe. One tablespoon of butter? It didn’t seem possible! And the millet – it’s like all the satisfying crunch of sugar sprinkles but healthy! I [...]

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