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banana bread

Super Easy Banana Bread

I was staring at yet another bunch of over ripe bananas hanging from my counter on a rainy day and I thought it might be nice to do some baking with Drakey. I decided to try out this banana bread recipe because it was super easy and fast, and I had all the ingredients on hand in the [...]


Baked Oatmeal Muffins

Oh, do I have a recipe for you! Baked oatmeal is practically a staple in our house. I used to associate oatmeal as a winter meal, until I discovered how good these can be in the summer, too. I typically make a batch on Saturday or Sunday and it lasts us throughout the week. I [...]


Gnocchi Dinner

I love gnocchi and so when I found this garlic vegetable gnocchi recipe, I really wanted to try it. I liked that it was mostly vegetables (though we add chicken sometimes), and perfect as a light summer dinner. The ingredients are: 2 medium carrots 2 medium courgette (I had to look this up… it’s a fancy [...]

Thai Basil Noodles

I came across Heidi Swanson’s Otsu recipe in her book Super Natural Cooking, and it was delicious. It’s also available here on her blog, and it apparently originated in a San Francisco restaurant. This recipe is arguably Japanese, but substituting lime for the lemon and adding some different herbs gives it a little Vietnamese flair. It [...]


Peanut Butter Banana Pecan Sandwich Recipe

That’s a mouthful of a title, right? I forgot to add cinnamon to it, so it’s really a Peanut Butter Banana Pecan Cinnamon Sandwich, and it rocks my afternoon socks off. I had wicked heartburn during my pregnancy. Seriously, just looking at any and every type of food gave my chest an instant burning sensation. [...]

June 2014 006

Beef and Basil Salad

This is a meal I make all the time in the summer.  It is easy to customize with what you have in your fridge, and it is very forgiving.  It incorporates a lot of Asian-inspired flavors, but is made with American staples. In fact, there’s one very, very American ingredient (no judgement please).  Can you [...]


Chinese Take-Out Fake-Outs (Two slow cooker meals)

Yup. Another slow cooker meal. Actually, two! [In case you haven't guessed... we currently live off of slow cooker meals here. I thought it would be my temporary solution after Pint-Sized came home, just something to get us through the transition phase. Well, four months later and we are still in transition... and I keep [...]

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