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3 Styles of Recycled Can Vases

3 Ways to Make Recycled Can Vases Together

Brighten someone’s day while upcycling some aluminum cans with this easy mini vase project you can make with your kids. Using cans as a vase or mini planter works well because they are watertight, and once the labels are removed, they already look pretty cute. Dressing them up with a few simple embellishments gives them a […]


Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

As much as I adore my local farmer’s market, the timing isn’t exactly the best for me to attend each week. And while I’m hoping to eventually transition more into a sustainable lifestyle, I still enjoy the modern food conveniences like being able to buy bananas and broccoli year-round. I haven’t quite fully committed to […]

Recycled Bottle Candle Holder

DIY Recycled 2-Liter Candle Holder

I love seeing the joy on kids’ faces when something they’ve made is proudly displayed or used. This project is one that is so good for creating that experience. Even very young children can decorate this candle holder, which makes a fun and festive addition to your family dinner table. Does it look a little […]

Our Slow Journey Toward Zero Waste Living

In my post about creating a family culture, I mentioned that I have been working to achieve zero waste goals in our home. The zero waste movement is one I had no experience with a few months ago.  But earlier this year, my husband and I started paying more attention to what we eat; this […]

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