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If I Could Register Today, Part One

…well, I suppose, I could register today, but this poor little guy I’m cooking is likely going to inherit all of his big brother’s baby gear. But of course, because this pregnancy has me nesting like a mad woman, my late night lack of sleeping abilities leads me to Amazon more often than I’d care [...]


Registry for Baby #2

If we had a baby and didn’t buy anything new to prepare for her arrival, we would be fine. We have everything we really need, but since having Liam, a lot has changed and there are some new things I’d like to get if we have the funds. We likely won’t end up with everything [...]


What We Bought (and What We Tossed) for Baby No. 2

One of the most daunting tasks for first-time mamas is researching a never-ending list of baby products. I remember the neurosis very clearly – in fact, the first time I set foot in a Babies ‘R’ Us, I almost hyperventilated. There was just so. much. stuff. The second time around, I thought very little about [...]

favorite gear for getting out and about

Gear for out and about the first year

Thinking back on it now, I realize that I was concerned about some very funny things when I was preparing for Lil Tea Cup’s arrival. However I did seem to have a pretty good grasp over what we needed to get out and about – thanks to all those bloggers out there! All of these [...]

Year One: What We Used & Loved

Before Little M was born I had total gear envy. I wanted all the latest and greatest and cutest stuff sold for babies. I’ve mentioned a few times that we returned a lot of stuff that I thought I HAD to have, but then didn’t end up using. Thank goodness I had the forethought to [...]


What I Would Register For Now

Since Juliet was my second baby, I didn’t have a shower or register this time around.  Most of Drake’s old baby things are still in good shape and usable since it’s only been three years since they were last used. But baby gear is an ever changing and evolving landscape. I noticed so many new [...]

what i wish I'd registered for

I Wish I’d Registered For…

When I created my original baby registry, I wasn’t thinking about the long-term. Instead, I filled it with things that we’d need immediately. At the time, I thought this was a great strategy, but if I had to do it over, I’d make some changes. When the Trikester hit six months old, he suddenly needed [...]

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