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My Dream Registry: Baby #2

Any major life changes seem to come with checklists, charts and pro/con lists. I process things in list form; that’s really just how I cope. And when it comes to a new baby, one of the first things that popped into my mind was a list of everything we need for baby #2. By checking […]

what we should have bought

What We Didn’t Buy, But You Should

When we found out we were going to be welcoming a baby, my husband and I were bound and determined to take a minimalist approach to ‘stuff.’  We had just returned from a few years living in Southeast Asia, where we had made do on FAR less than what we had at home in the […]


If I were registering today

We are 99.9% sure that we are “two and through” with kids, but if I had the opportunity to register today, with the benefit of hindsight, these are definitely the items that I would want to add to my wish list again. 1) Uppababy G-luxe Umbrella Stroller – I cannot say enough about this umbrella stroller. It’s pricey, […]


Mrs. High Heel’s Ultimate Baby Registry: 2015 Edition

A few years ago, I created an Ultimate Baby Registry that I could direct my friends to because I had some registry regret after I had my first child.  Being the first of my friends giving birth, and not really knowing anyone who had young infants, I was at a loss at what to register for.  Once […]


If I Could Register Today, Part 2

Hi, Bee readers! I’m back again talking registry dreams. Since this poor second baby will be inheriting his brother’s “big ticket” items, this is the arena where he will likely actually see some of these new items (although with no shower or sprinkle in the horizon, it will likely be paid for by yours truly). […]


What we Re-Used, Bought and Registered for

Thankfully, because our profile had been shown several times in situations we knew would be fast placements, I started working on a registry back in the summer. It was mostly a list of things I knew we would want when another baby came along. Of course, there is a whole lot less to get when […]


My Dream Registry: Nursing & Feeding

When I pulled together my registry for Little Oats, I was incredibly overwhelmed. When it came to bottles, nursing gear, sippy cups, pacifiers, I had no clue where to start. Was I going to nurse exclusively? How many bottles did I need? What about pumping? Why are there eighty different types of breast pads? And […]

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