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Marriage, Babies, and Transitions…

I’ve been doing some thinking about transitions and how to get through them. About the stresses of newborns and new siblings. About the differences between the first time and the second. My partner and I are not experts in this department; we certainly don’t manage to handle things perfectly all of the time. But we are […]


How therapy has changed my relationship

When Missus Scooter and I began dating in 2007, we were living 3 hours apart and considered ourselves in a long distance relationship. At the time, she was a detective for a police department outside of San Francisco and had a Tuesday through Friday day-shift schedule. I worked a standard Monday through Friday 8 to […]


Nurturing a Close Sibling Relationship

One of the greatest highlights of my life thus far has been to watch the relationship between my children grow. It has been a privilege to see Noelle step into her big sister role once her baby brother came along. When Jaren came along, I thought long and hard about how I wanted to encourage them […]

Investing in my Marriage

I’m going to nice and honest here. Marriage is hard. I didn’t think so the first year; no, that year was pleasant, easy and fun! We were in love and could do and be anything. It was that bliss of the first year that propelled that first thought – “We are so happy! Let’s have […]

How We Love: Defining our Love Styles

I have a confession – I like generalizations. I love making sense of my world in an organized way, so tools like The Myers-Briggs and The 5 Love Languages are right up my alley.  Knowing whether my friends (and spouse and children) are introverts or extroverts, or whether they prefer quality time or gifts, has helped me […]

He is a wodnerful husband and this seemed like a good opportunity to remind him how much I appreciate him *

The Husband Project

A few months ago, well honestly it was longer than that (it takes me forever to write about things) a book was brought up in my MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers) group.  Another mom had mentioned the book The Husband Project by Kathi Lipp and that she needed a group of other women to read the book […]

sean and me

Marriage & Motherhood: Being More than a “Good Team”

While I was pregnant, I fully expected some rocky marital moments in the first few months of the Baby Dudes’ lives. I read once (google away–I have zilch idea where I saw this), that in the months following the birth of a baby that marital dissatisfaction is at one of its highest points during the […]

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