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Introducing Mrs. Raindrop

My friend, Mrs. Tornado, introduced me to Hellobee and I fell in love with the site almost immediately! I love a good mom-community, and this one came in such a pretty website with so many great parts to it. I’ve enjoyed the posts and forums and am looking forward to writing for this awesome audience! […]


From the sheetrock dust, I rise

We finally made it to toddler tub nirvana… I’ve been absent from blog life (and a little bit from real life, now that I think about it) for a month or so because I foolishly thought moving would be the tough part of the transition to our new house. Nope, moving into a beautiful (under […]


Riding Out DIY Renovations While Pregnant

We bought our house when I was about six months pregnant with M. It’s a 1950s-era build, hastily constructed during a military boom in our town, much like most of the other houses on our street. We envisioned moving in, painting a few rooms, and settling in with lots of time to spare before our […]

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