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Bringing the Happy Colour Back

I wrote before about how we are keeping our three-year-old in preschool while I’m on maternity leave, until summer, when she’ll be out of school and at home with me and her brother. After she’d been home for two weeks around Christmas she was asking me when she could go back to school, so even […]


Twin Bed Transition: Incentive Program

I last shared the ups and downs of Miss H’s transition to a twin bed. Overall, she’s doing really, really well! But she does have a tendency to stall at bedtime. And she does ask sometimes to sleep in our bed, or have us lay in her bed for a really, really long time. Teaching […]


Getting Our Toddler to Go to Sleep

Chloe had been doing a really great job of going to bed on time, which we set at 8 pm, for months.  We were a bit worried about daylight saving time this spring, but both the time change and her new bed didn’t change her bedtime routine.  It wasn’t until this July, when she caught […]

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