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Twin Bed Transition: Incentive Program

I last shared the ups and downs of Miss H’s transition to a twin bed. Overall, she’s doing really, really well! But she does have a tendency to stall at bedtime. And she does ask sometimes to sleep in our bed, or have us lay in her bed for a really, really long time. Teaching […]


Getting Our Toddler to Go to Sleep

Chloe had been doing a really great job of going to bed on time, which we set at 8 pm, for months.  We were a bit worried about daylight saving time this spring, but both the time change and her new bed didn’t change her bedtime routine.  It wasn’t until this July, when she caught […]

I spend a great deal of time and effort avioding these particular faces. And it was funny to me in compiling this just how similar their grumpy faces actually are.

Stick It

I may have a slightly irreverent sense of humor, but I promise that there’s nothing bad going on here. I’m just here to tell you about stickers, and all the ways we use them. Having a good page of stickers is a little like having a piece of rope if you are out in the […]

Child Reward System Bee

Child Reward System That Really Works!

This is a guest post by Annette of Tips From a Typical Mom. .  .  .  .  . Child Reward System using puzzle pieces? Why puzzle pieces you ask? Well, I was looking for poker chips at our local thrift store, and could not find any. But I did find a ton of puzzles, and […]

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