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Our first 12+ hour road trip

A¬†few weeks ago, we took a road trip to the east coast for my sister’s wedding. Although we had done a handful of 4-6 hour drives and even one 8-hour drive last summer, I was nervous about this lengthier drive which would be over 12 hours with stops. Thankfully, the girls pleasantly surprised me and […]

Planning for a Road Trip with a 3-Year-Old & Baby

The summer after M was born, we decided to leave Northern Ontario and road trip down south to visit family. It went surprisingly smoothly, but M was always a good traveller. The worst part was when she broke out with roseola during one of our drives and we, being first time parents, had no idea […]


Roadtrip Up the California Coast

Last October, we decided to do a 5 day 4 night road trip up the California Coast, starting from Orange County, and ending in Monterey Bay. My husband had always wanted to do something like this. In fact, he’d like to someday drive from Southern California all the way up to Vancouver, Canada! There is […]


What to Pack for a Road Trip with a Toddler

We have many long road trips under our belt with a toddler, and we’ve created a standard road trip bag set up for us. Water and snacks: We pack things like water, hummus, pita crackers, apple, goldfish, orange slices, fruit leather (our favorite brand Stretch Island): A road trip signifies vacation which means lots of […]


Car Activities for Toddlers

We recently took an 8 hour road trip with M. To entertain him we brought along a couple books, one toy cars and an iPad. If you have traveled a lot with a toddler you are probably laughing at our serious lack of toddler entertainment. Needless to say, we spent about 5 minutes on the […]

California palm trees in vintage style.

An Update from the Rabbit Herd: We’re Moving!

We’ve been busy over here in the Rabbit household. Not busy making any new bunnies, mind you, but just busy doing life. Although, as busy as we’ve been, life is about to get a whole lot crazier, because we’re about to pick up and move across the country! Mister Rabbit, if you remember, is in […]

Surviving a Road Trip With Your Toddler

Since Mr. Garland and I are both teachers, we’ve had a lot of time this summer to do fun things as a family. We don’t travel much as a general rule, but this summer now that Jackson is older we have been venturing out more than usual! We took a few different trips this summer […]

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