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road trip with a newborn

Surviving a Road Trip with a Two Day Old

The only thing scarier than realizing the hospital will really let you leave with your baby, is the realization that you'll have to drive 546 miles to get home. Yes, we were crazy enough to drive home with our two-day-old baby. When we were first deciding the logistics of how to get Baby Sea Otter [...]


Adventures with Baby - Road Trip with a 4 Month Old

We moved south to North Carolina when I was in elementary school, and most of my family is still in upstate New York. We decided summer would be the perfect time to take Little Lion to meet his great grandparents, and stopped to see some friends who live out of town along the way. Method [...]


Packing for a Road Trip with Children

We went on a family road trip/wedding extravaganza this past weekend! We drove from New York to Maryland for a wedding welcome party on Friday night, the wedding was on Saturday, and then we drove to Long Island for another wedding on Sunday. We don't own a car so it was our first official road [...]

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