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Leaning on Our Youth to Make Change

In February of this year, 17 students lost their lives in a school shooting in Florida. This is something I am having a really hard time with lately, all the violence and ignorance that is being spread. I live in a sleepy and extremely safe town, but in the past few months we have had […]


A visit to the fire station

After reading a few books about fire trucks with Lil’ Pizza, I got the idea to call the local fire station to see if we could visit. I called just to get some more information and before I knew it, I had already set up a 30-minute tour for myself, two of my mommy friends […]


Babies & Car Accidents

I really wish I didn’t have the experience to write about this, but . . . Three weeks ago, my mom was in town, as were my two nieces.  We decided to go get lunch and maybe shop a little bit.  My VW Jetta couldn’t fit the whole crew, so my mom and oldest niece […]


Charlie’s Leg Got Stuck in a Crib.

On the day before Christmas Eve, Charlie pulled his Ikea stool up to Olive’s crib, climbed in, and started jumping on the mattress. We heard a scream and ran into the room to find Charlie’s leg wedged in between the crib slats. We gave him that bag of m&m’s he had from a trip to […]


Public Service Announcement About Slides from Finn

This is a guest post by Emily of Oh! Apostrophe. She’s previously guest blogged on Hellobee about cloth diapering, baby led weaning, and baby sign language. ~~~ Womp womp. Back in April someone in one of my mom’s groups posted a link to an article, “A Surprising Risk for Toddlers on Playground Slides,” describing the […]

cosmetics database

How to Check the Safety of Toiletries & Personal Care Product Ingredients

Whenever I want to buy a new toiletry for Charlie and Olive, I always look it up on EWG’s Cosmetics Database to check out the safety of its ingredients first. The Cosmetics Database uses 2 factors to evaluate a product’s safety: 1) a hazard score of 0-10 to designate the hazard risk of a product’s […]

‘A Surprising Risk for Toddlers on Playground Slides’

There have been several threads on my local parenting listserv about children breaking their legs on playground slides, so this recent New York Times blog post particularly caught my attention: A Surprising Risk for Toddlers on Playground Slides The post explains how young children riding down slides — particularly twisty ones — on an adult’s […]

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