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A Day in the Life of Our Multi-Generational Household

The Cheesecake home is a multi-generational household – there are three adults, two kids and one dog. My mom lives with us full-time to help Mr. Cheesecake, who is a SAHD, take care of the kids. I am a WOHM and work four days a week. My commute to and from work is tolerable (45 […]


Lessons Learned Through a Temporary Stay at Home Dad

Shortly after M was born, Mac Daddy’s work situation started to go very downhill. To make a long, complicated story short, there was a problem with the company’s finances, and Mac Daddy and his coworkers were being paid infrequently and very late, if at all. This lasted all the way through my maternity leave, and a […]


A Day in the Life of a Stay-At-Home Dad

On June 1st, I started back to work full time, in a new position that requires more time and travelling than I’m used to. Since Mr. O started back to school in November, he’s now at home with the kids Monday to Friday. He and I have much different approaches to our stay-at-home days, so […]

Role Reversal

Growing up in a very conservative, traditional Christian family, I was quite used to rigid gender roles. My dad worked as a high-level executive, and when it came to tasks around the house, he was responsible for the typical ‘man’ jobs; taking out the garbage, cutting the grass, repairing things (or arranging for repairs), etc. […]


SAHDs and Dealing with Parenting Criticism

I recently shared an update from my perspective on Mr. H staying at home with Miss H, but Mr. H and I thought it would be interesting to share some insight on what it’s like as a SAHD from his point of view! Hello! I’m Mrs. H’s husband, and two days a week I’m with […]


Update: Mr. H as a Work at Home Dad

I posted while I was pregnant about how Mr. H was going to be a WAHD (work at home dad). And I realized I never updated on how things have worked out for us (a little over 1 year since I went back to work. How has it been this long?!). As a refresher, I […]

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Pride and Prejudice

Another dispatch from Mr. Jacks as he reflects on his time as a SAHD! Since I’m hanging up the diaper bag as a SAHD (at least for now), I though it would be a good time to write about the prejudices that SAHDs face every day. People have gross assumptions about men and how they take care […]

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