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Adventures in (temporary) SAH parenting

Baby Carrot's daycare closed for vacation this past week, and thus I found myself a stay-at-home parent for an entire week, for the first time since I went back to work post maternity leave when Baby Carrot was just barely 4 months old. The idea of me becoming a SAHM never felt like something I [...]

Pick a Day, Any Day

This is a behind the scenes look at what a day as a SAHM with two rambunctious cubs looks like on any given day at the Grizzly Bear household. There's laughter, there's tears, and there's a whole lot of mayhem. Ready to begin? 6:30 - 7:00 : My cubs wake up early. Before they started rooming [...]

How the Life Goes On

In the days that followed my miscarriage, I found that my emotional reaction was muted.  For a month I had suspected that a miscarriage was imminent, and this helped mitigate the shock when it actually happened.  And although I know many women don't feel this way, I did find some small comfort in the idea [...]

My First Classroom

I am a Teacher

* I wrote this post last year when Little Lion was 3 months old. I have always wanted to be a teacher. I got started on this career path at the ripe old age of 11. I was finally old enough to take the Red Cross babysitting course, and I was overjoyed! Since then I [...]


Day in the life of the Lion Family

Little Lion turned 1 recently, and with that change came another. I accepted a part time job, working in our gym nursery 3-6 hours per week. While I still identify myself as a SAHM (I really don't feel like working such a small number of hours would qualify me to be called a WOHM, especially since I [...]

WOH v. SAH: Career and Emotional Considerations

Part I: The Courageous "Choice" Part II: Evaluating Our Wants and Needs Part III:  Finances Having realized we could make some changes and make our financial situation work if I were not working full time, the ball was pretty much in my court.  Mr. Blue was all for me staying home if that's what I [...]


Day in the Life of a Part-Time WOHM (On "days off")

I previously wrote a DITL post featuring a day that I go to work. But, since I work part-time I thought I would share what a Tuesday or Thursday look like since I don't go in to teach preschool on those days. 7am (or so) - Mr. Piñata and I don't set our alarms on [...]

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