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WOH v. SAH: Career and Emotional Considerations

Part I: The Courageous “Choice” Part II: Evaluating Our Wants and Needs Part III:  Finances Having realized we could make some changes and make our financial situation work if I were not working full time, the ball was pretty much in my court.  Mr. Blue was all for me staying home if that’s what I [...]


Day in the Life of a Part-Time WOHM (On “days off”)

I previously wrote a DITL post featuring a day that I go to work. But, since I work part-time I thought I would share what a Tuesday or Thursday look like since I don’t go in to teach preschool on those days. 7am (or so) – Mr. Piñata and I don’t set our alarms on [...]


A day in the life of a SAHM of two

I thought I could fill you all in about what goes on in the crazy Palette house these days. It’s worth mentioning that most of my days Monday – Friday are pretty different. They have the same general rhythm (I posted about the schedule I try to use as a guide throughout the day previously), [...]

Part-Time Jobs and Making it Work

Last summer I officially left my full-time job as a Spanish teacher to teach Preschool 3 days a week at our church. We were able to make this move to part-time work because Mr. Piñata was given a more full-time job as our church’s music director (on an interim basis) and I wanted to spend [...]

WOH v. SAH: Finances

A huge hurdle for us, and probably many parents who would like to stay home full time or reduce their hours, is the numbers.  We all have base obligations that must be met.  In deciding whether I could make some changes to my work status in the future, we had spend a lot of time [...]

baby blues

WOH v. SAH: Evaluating Our Wants and Needs

As I mentioned in a recent post, The Courageous “Choice,” for the first time since the boys were born, we’ve had an opportunity to do have some discussions on whether or not I could or should stay home with our sons.  When the boys were born this was just not a feasible option for us [...]

The Courageous “Choice”

Before I got baby fever and started perusing the online parenting world, I naively had no clue about the “Mommy Wars.”  A few hot debates quickly jumped out, such as exclusive breast feeding versus bottle feeding and attachment parenting versus the cry it out crowd.  While I think it’s unfortunate that these debates sometimes sink [...]

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