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WOH v. SAH: Finances

A huge hurdle for us, and probably many parents who would like to stay home full time or reduce their hours, is the numbers.  We all have base obligations that must be met.  In deciding whether I could make some changes to my work status in the future, we had spend a lot of time [...]

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WOH v. SAH: Evaluating Our Wants and Needs

As I mentioned in a recent post, The Courageous “Choice,” for the first time since the boys were born, we’ve had an opportunity to do have some discussions on whether or not I could or should stay home with our sons.  When the boys were born this was just not a feasible option for us [...]

The Courageous “Choice”

Before I got baby fever and started perusing the online parenting world, I naively had no clue about the “Mommy Wars.”  A few hot debates quickly jumped out, such as exclusive breast feeding versus bottle feeding and attachment parenting versus the cry it out crowd.  While I think it’s unfortunate that these debates sometimes sink [...]


Missing Dad – Long Hours and How We Manage, Part Two

Last week, I wrote a post (here) about Mr. Confetti’s long hours at work and how it impacts Colin on a day-to-day basis. Judging by the comments, it seems, as I suspected, that I am not alone. Since Mr. Confetti is traveling for business this week, I have plenty of time in the quiet evening [...]

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New SAHM: A Six Month Check-In

This may be the best job ever. I was so nervous going into my new adventure as a SAHM; I just didn’t think I was cut-out for staying home with a toddler. But so far, it’s been nothing but sunshine and roses. Ok, maybe just partly sunny and carnations, but for the most part, I [...]


a SAHM’s schedule

Shortly after I had Summer, I realized I really needed some sort of daily schedule. When it was just Gemma and me, I had a nice rhythm to my day but things were quite open. Adding a newborn to our family ramped up the amount of work I needed to do to keep our family [...]

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SAHM: A Cost Analysis

This post is inspired by Mrs. Blue’s recent post about WOHM life, as well as a valuable question she asked a few months ago on the Hellobee boards: What line items are increased or decreased as a result of having one parent at home full-time?  I have read a lot of articles and blog posts [...]

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