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Missing Dad – Long Hours and How We Manage, Part Two

Last week, I wrote a post (here) about Mr. Confetti’s long hours at work and how it impacts Colin on a day-to-day basis. Judging by the comments, it seems, as I suspected, that I am not alone. Since Mr. Confetti is traveling for business this week, I have plenty of time in the quiet evening [...]

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New SAHM: A Six Month Check-In

This may be the best job ever. I was so nervous going into my new adventure as a SAHM; I just didn’t think I was cut-out for staying home with a toddler. But so far, it’s been nothing but sunshine and roses. Ok, maybe just partly sunny and carnations, but for the most part, I [...]


a SAHM’s schedule

Shortly after I had Summer, I realized I really needed some sort of daily schedule. When it was just Gemma and me, I had a nice rhythm to my day but things were quite open. Adding a newborn to our family ramped up the amount of work I needed to do to keep our family [...]

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SAHM: A Cost Analysis

This post is inspired by Mrs. Blue’s recent post about WOHM life, as well as a valuable question she asked a few months ago on the Hellobee boards: What line items are increased or decreased as a result of having one parent at home full-time?  I have read a lot of articles and blog posts [...]


The grass always seems greener

All my life I wanted to be a mother.  When I was a little girl, my favorite game was playing house and being a mommy to my dolls, friends, and toys.  After I left college, I found a job in a daycare as I simply loved being around little ones. Eventually I transitioned out of [...]


Two perspectives: Day in the Life of a 17 month old toddler

If Colin could type up a blog post for Hellobee, I’m sure he would love to tell you guys all about his day.  Since I have never done a “Day in the Life” post, I thought it might be fun to share what goes on during an average day in the Confetti household from both [...]

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my path to becoming a SAHM

Never in life has the phrase “the next chapter” been so poignant as it was for me when I decided to become a SAHM. Truth be told, I didn’t plan to be a SAHM in a mental, financial or long term goal sort of way that I had planned out every other stage of my [...]

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