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A Week in the Life with a School-Aged Kid

It seems like there is a lot of interest in seeing what goes on in the life of a school-aged kid, so I thought I’d share a snapshot of our week. This is a week in the life as a working mom of two, as a full-time telecommuter, with dual drop-offs and pick-ups. Mister Chucks […]


Week in the Life – Working Mom with a Flexible Schedule

One benefit of traveling a few times a year is that it keeps your home life fresh. Every time we return home it feels so good to have consistency again, and an added benefit is that we have a chance to reset and refocus our intentions for life in general. It’s so easy to go […]


The First Year: Daily Routine and Schedule, Month by Month

I am constantly amazed these days that my sweet baby is truly more of a loud, mobile, ravenous toddler. The leaps and changes in the last two months of his first year of life leave me astounded. Kid has gone from an observer to an active participant in the world around him – and I […]

Happy morning baby

Baby Sleep – Why Inconsistency Is OK

A few weeks after Baby Carrot was born, it became apparent that she was one of those supremely alert babies. She would be awake much longer than I had observed in friends’ babies and she was a lot more responsive to stimulus than most babies seemed to be, constantly looking around her environment and trying […]

Changing my expectations about dinnertime

When I was growing up, our family always had dinner together at 6:30 p.m. every weekday. Both of my parents worked, but they had very predictable work schedules, and my mom would take the train home from her office downtown pretty much at the same time every day. Also, my grandmother lived with us, and […]


a SAHM’s schedule

Shortly after I had Summer, I realized I really needed some sort of daily schedule. When it was just Gemma and me, I had a nice rhythm to my day but things were quite open. Adding a newborn to our family ramped up the amount of work I needed to do to keep our family […]


I Am Not a Schedule Person

Folks, I have a confession to make.  I am not the parent that I thought I would be.  Veteran parents…. go ahead and chuckle at my expense. You know you want to. Okay. Done? Ahem… I think everyone has a romanticized vision of what motherhood will be like. For me, this included a schedule, which […]

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