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montessori DIY activity tray

DIY Construction Site Activity Tray

My children love to go to the park and fill their dump trucks with sand and dump it out, over and over.  With it being such a cold winter in our parts, we have had to use a little more imagination when it comes to playing in the “sandbox.”  We love to fill our wooden [...]



My children love to collect little trinkets.  Sometimes it can drive me crazy finding all of these tiny little objects around the house, but I know they are something special to them.  So we decided to make an “I Spy” bottle, and fill it with all the little treasures that they have been collecting.

Baby Games: What’s that smell?

When you have a newer baby, they aren’t much fun. They sleep, eat, poop and cry. After surviving the first month, I felt like we should be doing SOMETHING with the baby when he was awake other than just staring at him or talking to him. At this age, the Trikester wasn’t really a barrel [...]

Baskets collage - four

What is a Discovery Basket and How to Make One

This is a guest post by Kylie of How We Montessori. ~~~ A discovery basket (often known as a treasure basket) is a basket of items that you present to your child to explore. The basket is usually given to the child as soon as they can sit. This is often at around six months [...]

Fine Motor Fun: Pudding Bags

Developing fine motor skills in preschool aged children is so important. Fine motor skills are critical for writing, drawing, and cutting, as well as for other simpler tasks like buttoning buttons or playing with small Legos. While fine motor skills certainly develop naturally any time you use the small muscles in your hands and fingers, [...]

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Food Coloring + Vinegar + Baking Soda = 4th Grade Science Project

Charlie and I had a lot of quality time together while he was home sick the past week. It was the perfect opportunity to try this little project involving baking soda and vinegar that I recently pinned. I regularly use baking soda + vinegar to keep my sink drains nice and clear, so I knew [...]


Baking as Sensory Play

by Mina of Mini Piccolini Sensory play is so important for little children, and baking is a great way to get started. My son Alec spends quite a bit of time with me in the kitchen. Usually he plays on the floor while I prepare our meals, but if he is having trouble entertaining himself, [...]

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