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favorite toddler shoe brands

Favorite Toddler Shoe Brands

I feel like we have tried many shoe brands since J became mobile. Over half were complete duds – as a crawling baby, it was hard to find shoes that didn’t fall off his feet. Given that he was around nine months when winter hit, he needed some type of feet protection. And now as [...]

shoes for first time walkers

Baby Markers’ Shoe Style

Between 12 and 13 months, Baby Markers started walking. She was so cautious and tentative at first, it took her a few weeks to really find her footing (literally). Once she did though – she was off! And it was time to invest in a good pair of shoes to help her keep her balance, [...]


Toddler Shoe Round Up

I’m not really into buying shoes at all and didn’t bother to buy Drake his first pair of shoes until he turned 15 months old and started to walk. I think I might do the same for Juliet, though I admit little girl stuff is a bit harder to resist, and makes it easier to [...]

summer shoes

Swarm: Summer Shoes

In this edition of the Swarm, the Bees share their favorite summer shoes for their little ones!


The Perfect Little Wellies

For muddy, mucky, rainy, once the snow finally melts wet spring weather, rainboots/wellies/rubber boots for kids are a must. Really no matter what your climate, wellies are required, aren’t they? If not, please comment below so we can all move to your paradise. Here are the best of the best (in varying price ranges of [...]


The Perfect Wellies for Mom

My daydreams lately are filled with images of Spring weather: green grass, warm weather, blue skies, and playing outdoors with just a light coat and sneakers. But silly me; I just realized today that I totally forgot about the in between weather that Spring brings: the rain, the sloppy slushy snow, the mud! Really after [...]


Stylish Runners

I know — runners are not stylish. I usually am very anti-running shoes; they are for function and nothing else. But as a mother, I realize sometimes you have to get dressed in the morning with the full day of activities in your sight. Sometimes (or all the time) there is no time to change clothes [...]

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