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Baby sign language: More Animals

This week’s post is a continuation of the Old Macdonald post with a rehash of some of the farm animals, and some new ones too. These go with a sweet little nursery rhyme from one of my childhood books, My Favorite Nursery Rhymes, circa 1960. It’s so old it was made in Japan! I think […]

Expanding the mealtime vocabulary

They say that if you start to sign at 6 months, babies are capable of signing back as early as 9 months. By 10 months, Winter has one word down: more. I think this is very commonly a baby’s first sign. She also seems to sign “eat” even though I really haven’t done it all […]

Baby Sign Language: Songs and Animals

Songs are a great medium with which to incorporate signing, and the combination of words, music and hand motions promote memory retention. There are many songs that use actions that are not actually sign language – examples include: Itsy Bitsy Spider I’m a Little Teapot Where is Thumbkin Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes Wheels […]

bedtime rituals1

Baby Sign Language: Bedtime Rituals

Babies thrive on routine, and a consistent bedtime routine is something that many parents introduce early on. A bedtime ritual doesn’t seem to prepare my vampire baby for drifting off to sleep, but at least it gives me something consistent to sign. It’s easy to sign and verbalize the word before the start of each […]


Baby sign language: first foods

Introducing sign language at 6 months coincides nicely with the introduction of solids. Here are my top 9 signs for starting solids. Four of them are a rehash of my first words, but repetition and signing out daily activities is key. I love banana, which is like peeling an imaginary peel away from your index […]


Baby Sign Language: week one

Baby sign language utilizes modified gestures from American Sign Language. I was keenly interested in learning some signs because I had heard how beneficial it was in communicating with babies. Baby sign language may prevent much frustration from 8 months to two years in empowering them with a way to communicate despite a lack of verbal […]


Little Miss Manners

I blogged awhile back about our usage of baby sign language, and one of the things that I loved at the time was how Miss H was starting to learn manners with basics like “please” and “thank you.” Now that her words are expanding day by day, Miss H does not sign as much as she […]

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