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Sleep Training Twins – The Not So Scary Details!

The sheer thought of sleep training twins had me terrified, let alone actually having to actually follow through and do it! Ultimately my fears were based on three huge factors: I have never sleep trained before for night sleep, only for Miss H’s naps way back when, so I was fairly intimidated by it all. […]

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Adventures in Nap Training

I wrote here about our adventures with sleep training. It went incredibly well, and I was shocked at how quickly bedtime got better. I realize that’s not the case for everyone, and for those of you cursing me, here is where you get your retribution. The dreaded nap. Nap training is a completely different beast. […]


Crying it Out

I’ve mentioned before that Baby Pencil was not an easy infant. I’ve read countless articles stating that a big reason why certain babies are fussy is simply because they are tired and don’t get enough quality sleep. (Well, that makes sense seeing how cranky I get with no sleep!) I never wanted to try the crying it […]

Sleep Training: The Second Go-Round

The nine month sleep regression hit us hard in the Oatmeal house. We went from an easy bedtime with one wake up around 4am, to a full-on bedtime war and multiple wake ups nightly. Naps were nearly impossible; I would either have to walk Little Oats around the neighbourhood in the stroller, or drive around […]


Sleep-Training: Choosing Our Method

When LO was 6 months old, we decided to try sleep training. We had just moved her bedtime up to 7:30, her bedtime routine was set, and I was tired of spending over an hour rocking and nursing her to sleep. Naps were completely trash; she averaged about 40-60 minutes per day. We had moved […]

Lila's practically unused crib. We had high hopes before reality hit!

Middle of the night musings on sleep training, or lack thereof

As I’m writing this, of all our family members, there is only one of us sleeping in his or her designated bedroom. That would be my six-year-old daughter. Except that she is sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor rather than her bed. Nevertheless, at least she is in her room. And will remain […]

Travel and the 18 Month Sleep Regression

When Lil Miss Wagon was 19 months old, we took a trip to visit family about 4 hours away. Before our trip, LMW was sleeping beautifully: going to bed around 6:15pm and falling asleep on her own every night, sleeping all night long. Plus she took a 2-3 hour nap every day. Her 5am wakeups […]

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