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Sleep & Nap Training to Save My Sanity

Baby Brother Stroller has been a difficult baby. His entry to the world was difficult (or at least my complications afterwards were), his feeding issues were difficult, and his food sensitivities are insane. But his being overtired was the biggest challenge to date. About a month ago I reached what I consider rock-bottom. It was […]


KJ’s Sleep Evolution: Newborn to 12 months

My daughter’s and son’s sleep habits / sleep props have been very different, but their sleep schedules have remained mostly the same. I wrote about my daughter’s sleep evolution here back in 2012. I realize their sleep habits may be different because I stopped nursing Aliya very early on when she was one to two […]


When You Choose Not to Sleep Train

Did you have a picture of the kind of parent you thought you’d be before actually having children? I definitely did. I imagined that I would be the stern parent, willing to do what was best for my kid even if meant tears. Given that, I thought I would be 100% on board with sleep […]


Sleep Training – third time’s a charm

Let me be honest right off the bat—this started out as a comprehensive post about sleep training but it totally got derailed. So instead, I decided to share with you about our overall experience in sleep training, seeing as it took us several attempts. Sometimes sleep training is messy and doesn’t work the first time—something I learned first […]


Nap Training At 4 Months

If you’ve followed our story, you know that Sweet P had a rough few months with colic, reflux, tongue and lip tie and a dairy intolerance. Along with these issues came a lot of crying, screaming and not sleeping. Getting to the bottom of it all was not fun for anyone. We spent so many hours […]


Sleep Training Twins – The Not So Scary Details!

The sheer thought of sleep training twins had me terrified, let alone actually having to actually follow through and do it! Ultimately my fears were based on three huge factors: I have never sleep trained before for night sleep, only for Miss H’s naps way back when, so I was fairly intimidated by it all. […]

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Adventures in Nap Training

I wrote here about our adventures with sleep training. It went incredibly well, and I was shocked at how quickly bedtime got better. I realize that’s not the case for everyone, and for those of you cursing me, here is where you get your retribution. The dreaded nap. Nap training is a completely different beast. […]

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