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Did We Screw Up Our Child’s Ability to Sleep? (And What We Did Differently the Second Time)

This is the tale of two very different attempts at sleep training, and our experiences applying the two opposing theories of getting babies to sleep through the night: do you keep an infant awake during the day so he sleeps through the night, or does sleep beget sleep? The first time around, we had heard […]


Sleep Training at 6 Months

I’m just going to come out and say it — I love sleeping training, specifically cry-it-out, or CIO. I’m not a robot, listening to my children cry definitely makes my heart ache in a terrible way, but I also really enjoy sleeping and the ability to function during daylight hours. Sleep training can become a heated topic […]

Sleep training at 13 months

I think I’ve successfully sleep trained Baby Pizza. It’s only been two weeks, so I may be writing this prematurely and regret saying so in a few weeks. We are also traveling this week, so I’m not sure how that will impact Baby Pizza’s recent sleep changes. But I decided to share anyway because I […]


Quantifying A New Mom’s Sleep

It’s almost impossible to predict how your life is going to change once you have a baby. But one thing that was apparent early on was how hard sleep deprivation was going to be. While Mr. Ice Cream and I vary widely in some interests, we share a similar love of data. Given that, when […]

Nap Training at 5 Months

A little while back, I shared about our life-changing experience with sleep training Baby Oats. Thanks to a wonderful friend who shared her expertise, we went from 3-5 wakeups per night to a baby who sleeps 12 hours straight. The plan that we used involved getting rid of all sleep crutches, and tackling all sleep […]


Sleep Training Changed My Life: Part One

Baby Oats getting ready for one of his last naps out of the crib…and the last with a swaddle and a paci! I wrote a few weeks ago about transitioning Baby Oats from the swing/our bed to his own space in the Pack n Play in our room. Unfortunately, shortly after that post published, we […]


Sleep Progression – The Good , The Bad and The Loud

Oh sleep. Is there anything as glorious? Or as talked about by parents? Although I am more of a quiet observer of the boards here on Hellobee, I think I can say with some certainty that the one of the most commonly talked about topics – perhaps the most talked about even – is how […]

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