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Our Twin Sleep Successes and Failures

When our boys were little bitty and we were so tired we literally thought we could not go on, I separately asked two of my friends with twins when their babies started sleeping through the night.  They both had almost verbatim answers, “Well, I’m probably not the person you want to ask.  I think our […]


The Standoff

We never sleep trained Lil Miss Wagon. She always fell asleep drinking her bottle before naps and bedtime, and had no problems transferring to the crib. Eventually we were able to put her down awake and she was able to fall asleep on her own with no problems. We never had to let her cry, […]

Is Your Little One a Good Sleeper? Did you Sleep Train?

L I L  P A I N T B R U S H  – A L M O S T  5  Y E A R S If you had asked this even two months ago, I would have responded with a very loud “No!” and then run off into the corner and cried. It’s historically […]


Sleep Training Battle Plan: Baby Sleep II

Our sleep journey with the Trikester has been tumultuous. Up until six months of age, he slept in the Rock ‘N Play – it was an adequate set-up, but he was starting to outgrow the portable cradle. I knew we needed to get him into the crib, and based on our previous attempts, I was […]


The Magic Drop-A-Feeding Pacifier Trick

A few weeks ago, we noticed that the boys, particularly Big Brother, were really only snacking during their 11:00-ish feeding.  At most Big Brother would eat an ounce and a half, but often he would eat an ounce and just not be remotely interested in eating anymore.  The rest of the feedings during the night, […]


Jacks on sleep Part I: Why we chose not to do CIO

Infant sleep is probably one of the most commonly talked about subjects both on Hellobee and other parenting forums around the web.  It’s no surprise considering the challenges of modern life and the sleep deprivation that parents and infants alike are facing.  Our family thought long and hard about what our approach to sleep would […]

Do SAHPs deserve to CIO

It is 4 AM. Scribble is over seven months old and has successfully slept through the night many times. But not tonight! Tonight he’s up– for the second time since his 7:30 bedtime. I let him cry for a bit, then nudge my husband awake. “Should I go to him?” I ask. He considers for […]

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