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No One Told Me: Night Wakings and Preschoolers

Seriously. This wasn’t in any of the parenting handbooks I read. I mean, I get why my baby books wouldn’t tell me. But, hey, Janet Lansbury, you could at least MENTION that one of those behaviors that you’d really like to ‘not let your three-year-old do’ is MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WAKINGS. I thought the […]


What I wish I knew about baby sleep before the baby came

One thing I really wish I had read about before the baby was a book on baby sleep. Not that I believe it would have made things any better really, or changed my obsessive Googling habit of “insert age nap schedule,” but maybe just prepared me for the amount of time I would spend thinking […]

Newborn babies love their sleep, just not always at night!

Baby Sleep Progression

With the clocks changed this past weekend and having lost that precious hour of sleep, I’ve been reminded once again of how important sleep is to me. The girls are now 10 months and 9 months old, and we are lucky that they are currently snoozing 12 hours through the night with no wake-ups. Once […]

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Why The Early Bedtime Works For Us

We are huge fans of the early bedtime in our home. It came about naturally for us after a trip to Scotland when Crumb was 3 months old. He had been going to bed around 10 PM like many newborns and when we came home due to the time change, he wanted to go to […]

Giving Up the (Sleep) Fight

Sleep has been a big concern for us at the Carrot Patch over the past 2 and a half years. As I detailed in my last post, Baby C is easily defined as a “low sleep needs” kid, and shortly after her 1st birthday, she began moving her fall-asleep time later and later. She’s now […]

My mind is bored…

I’m exhausted at the end of most days. I’m tired of talking about trucks with my 4-year-old. I’m tired of hearing “Hot Dog” or the “Miles from Tomorrowland” theme. I’m tired of cleaning up crumbs and making meals. I’m tired of planning for the next day – where we have to be and what else […]

Life With a Low Sleep Needs Kid

I write this post on what is a rare occasion in at the Carrot Patch. It’s 9 PM and Baby C, currently a month shy of 3 and a half years old, is asleep. For most people reading this post (probably all people, actually), a 3.5 year old asleep at 9 PM is an every […]

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