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The Morning Visitor

I know I shouldn't complain -- I didn't have to deal with this for over four years -- but it's finally happened: the dreaded child roaming the halls at all hours of the day and night. Every morning, and sometimes at night if I'm lucky, luckier still if I am already in bed asleep, I [...]


Figuring Out Sleep When Adding a 2nd Child to the Family

Amongst all the worries that ran through my head when we decided to add a 2nd child to the family, the one that really kept me up at night was probably the issue of sleep! As parents, we all know how sacred sleep is, and how hard it can be to come by, especially those [...]


Picking a Nap Schedule

K & D have gone through a ton of different nap schedules! Right now K who is 3 years old takes an afternoon nap once every few days, and D is waffling between needing one and two naps a day. If you're wondering how often your baby/toddler should be napping, perhaps one of these schedules [...]

Happy morning baby

Baby Sleep - Why Inconsistency Is OK

A few weeks after Baby Carrot was born, it became apparent that she was one of those supremely alert babies. She would be awake much longer than I had observed in friends' babies and she was a lot more responsive to stimulus than most babies seemed to be, constantly looking around her environment and trying [...]

When Baby Doesn't Sleep Through the Night

The question I get asked most frequently when it comes to Little Oats is, “So is she sleeping through the night?” My answer? A snort, vigorous head shaking, and an incredulous, “No.” I’m not quite sure where this fascination with sleeping through the night comes from; it seems to be the holy grail of baby [...]


"Where do you sleep?"

Questions I started asking Miss H a while back were, "Where do you sleep?", "Where does mommy sleep?" and "Where does daddy sleep?" I jokingly say it's the best thing I could have ever taught her! With so many families of young children struggling with sleep, children who want to sleep in the parents' bed, crying [...]

Travel and the 18 Month Sleep Regression

When Lil Miss Wagon was 19 months old, we took a trip to visit family about 4 hours away. Before our trip, LMW was sleeping beautifully: going to bed around 6:15pm and falling asleep on her own every night, sleeping all night long. Plus she took a 2-3 hour nap every day. Her 5am wakeups [...]

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