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Little Piñata’s Sleep Evolution

Here’s a look back at Little Piñata’s sleep changes over the first 3 years. And boy have there been a lot! What was Little Piñata’s sleep like as a newborn? Little P was a great sleeper as a baby! He slept pretty much all the time and it was kind of awesome. We got him into […]


Sleep, Baby, Sleep!

Oh, sleep. Such a hot-button topic for parents. Everyone wants it, and no one is getting quite enough of it. I do have to admit, we have been very lucky when it has come to Jackson’s sleep patterns. He’s had the usual sleep regressions, but for the most part they’ve hit us very lightly and we have had […]

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How and When to Drop the Final Nap

Most kids give up their last nap between 3-4 years old, and at 3 1/2, Olive has been in the process of dropping her nap for the past 4 months. I blogged about the transition from 2 naps to 1 here, but I think the final nap is the hardest to drop because it’s often a months-long process. […]


The Bedtime Battle

For the last few weeks, bedtime has been a complete and total disaster. While Little Oats didn’t start sleeping through the night until about 15 months or so, she has been remarkably good at going to bed on her own since about 7 or 8 months. We have the same bedtime routine (stories, singing, prayers, […]

Occam’s Razor & Our Toddlers’ Sleep

You know about Occam’s Razor? In my own words, it’s basically that between two options the one with the fewer assumptions, the simpler solution, is better. Oh, if only I had applied this principle months ago to the little dudes’ sleep issues. You see, we’ve been in toddler sleep hell for about 3 months. For […]

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Overstimulation in Babies and Toddlers

When Baby Carrot was an infant, one comment that we got consistently from friends and strangers alike was “wow, she’s so alert!” From the moment she was born, Baby C defied the sleepy newborn stereotype. Her eyes were always open, always looking around – she always appeared to be thinking or studying something. A few […]


5 Tips for Solo-Parent Bedtime

Due to Mr T’s work schedule, I end up doing dinner + bedtime for the kids alone most nights. When D was very young it was hands-down the hardest part of my day! To be fair I was also juggling his broviac IV and other medical stuff which had to be taken care of each […]

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