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Raincoast Crisp Recipe

If you’re from Vancouver, you most likely know the deliciousness that is Raincoast Crisps. They are perhaps the most “crisp” cracker I’ve ever had – I don’t think I can hear anyone talking while I’m chewing them. I love to eat them with Yancy’s Fancy Bergenost, a creamy cheese that Costco sometimes carries, but any [...]


Toddler Baking

For Christmas, Miss H received a Guidecraft “Kitchen Helper” step stool from my parents. I had asked them to give her this for her primary/big gift from them because I felt Miss H absolutely needed it. Yes, you heard me correctly, I considered this to be a need not a want. Any time we are [...]


Carrot Snacks

Like a lot of moms, I worry about trying to get good nutritious foods and snacks into my children.  Drake is a really picky eater and it’s hard to get him to eat vegetables. When we eat pasta with vegetables and try to sneak a vegetable on his fork, he notices immediately and will refuse [...]

Cheese Crackers

Homemade Cheese Crackers

We tend to not give Miss H a lot of processed foods like crackers, mostly because the kiddo loves fresh fruit and veggies, and one of her favorites snacks is a handful of raisins. But when I saw a recipe for homemade cheese crackers, I had to give it a try. Plus I’m a weirdo who [...]



I developed a love of hummus when I was pregnant with Drake.  I think my body craved the protein because I’m not a huge meat eater. I also very much dislike beans of all kinds, but in hummus form, the beans became more palatable.  I’ve recently been on a kick of buying less processed foods [...]


Peanut Butter Bars

Since Drake started school, I have been trying to make some snacks that he can take with him.  I don’t mind sending him in with prepackaged ones, but I do like the idea of making homemade things for him too.  I found this easy no bake peanut butter bar recipe the other day and thought [...]


Homemade Almond Butter

We held off on giving Miss H peanut butter until she was well past her first birthday. While we had no reason to believe she would have a peanut allergy, I still wanted to be cautious. After we gave it to her, all was fine…until she got a nasty diaper rash the next day! A [...]

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