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berry crumble bars

Berry Crumble Bars

Spring is here, regardless of the two inches of snow that sit resolutely on my back porch. In most parts of the (sane, normal) country, the weather is warming, the birds are chirping, and green things are blooming. So, in honour of spring (and impending berry season), I pulled the berries from my freezer, added […]

favorite toddler snacks

Our Favorite Toddler Snacks

When Jackson turned one and we began to shift his eating schedule towards less milk and even more solids, I felt so overwhelmed by all of the options. How often were we supposed to feed him? All of the recommendations said three meals and two snacks a day… what would we feed him for a snack? I […]

elimination diet friendly chocolate chip bites

Chocolate Chip Protein Bites – Elimination Diet Friendly!

I’m on an breastfeeding elimination diet due to several sensitivities that make Baby Brother Stroller an unhappy little camper. I’ve slowly eliminated foods over the past month based on his symptoms. Currently I’m not eating dairy, soy, nuts, eggs or wheat. It’s been a challenge to say the very least, but the results are worth […]

Cauliflower 3

Cauliflower Cheesy “Bread”

When it comes to cooking, I have 3 basic rules: 1) It must be quick, 2) It must be easy (aka as few ingredients and steps as possible) and 3) It must keep for at least a few days in the refrigerator or be freezer-friendly. I’ve never been much of a cook – I’m a […]


20 Easy Halloween Snacks for Preschoolers

I am a room parent at Liam’s school this year and when I found out, I was so excited to start planning his class Halloween party. I started pinning snacks and games like crazy, picking the perfect ones that I could prepare ahead of time. However, I soon discovered that as room parents, we just […]


Nut Butter Granola Bars

I cannot say enough good things about the cookbook The Family Cooks. If there’s one cookbook to own, this is what I recommend, especially if you don’t necessarily consider yourself a whiz in the kitchen. It’s not too basic (I don’t need directions to roast basic vegetables, vegetable by vegetable), it doesn’t expect me to make […]

banana bread

Super Easy Banana Bread

I was staring at yet another bunch of over ripe bananas hanging from my counter on a rainy day and I thought it might be nice to do some baking with Drakey. I decided to try out this banana bread recipe because it was super easy and fast, and I had all the ingredients on hand in the […]

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