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Feeding My Spoon-Hating Baby: Whatever Works

My first son adored purees. Within a few days of introducing them, he was gobbling down entire containers of fruits and veggies and whining for more. Frankly, I liked spoon-feeding. It was fairly easy to limit the mess, I knew my kiddo was getting a nutritious introduction to solids, and purees made feeding on the [...]


The First 3 months of Baby Led Weaning

The first food I plopped in front of Winter was an avocado when she was one day shy of 6 months, but it was so very slippery, there was no hope. Then I realized she was “good” at picking up her blankets and clothes. The food that mimicked that the most was some wavy lettuce, [...]


Starting Baby Led Weaning

My husband and I couldn’t reach a mutually agreed upon common ground in solids because I wanted to do no purees; I thought it would work against her wanting to pick up food for herself when she saw how much easier the spoon was. He, on the other hand, was very concerned about the possibility [...]

Baby Led Weaning – What’s Next?

*A quick clarification. Little Lion is 11 months old and approaching his first birthday. We began baby led weaning at 6 months old. This post is about the strategies we have tried within the last few weeks to allow our bottle-fed baby to begin gradually weaning on his own terms, much as a breast fed baby would naturally. [...]

Toddler Eating Cheat Sheet jpg

Toddler Eating Cheat-Sheet

Up until this point we have tried to offer LL a variety of healthy foods, but it has been hit or miss…a little of this and that, usually what we are eating. We eat meals together. He makes a big mess, eats some food, does a little banging and screaming. It’s all great fun, really. [...]

The Psychology of a Picky Eater

I was a very picky eater as a child and adolescent, and it continued into young adulthood until I met my husband. Last week, my dad watched as my daughter made loud smacking noises with her hand in her mouth. He joked that he never had to worry about me putting anything into my mouth [...]

Broccoli-Cauliflower Quinoa Bites

Our Favorite Recipes: Baby Led Weaning

We’ve had great success with baby-led weaning with Baby Markers. She almost exclusively feeds herself, which is great for keeping her busy when we go out to eat, and it allows me to be hands-free during meal times at home. She’s independent by nature, so even when we try to give her things like applesauce [...]

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