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C in BOB

BOB Stroller Reviews

We aren’t runners (or at least weren’t runners before babies), but boy do we love our jogging strollers! Specifically, we super heart BOB strollers. Above: The Trikester chilling in his BOB Sport Utility. With my first baby, I didn’t register for a jogging stroller, or even think I wanted one. My mother-in-law stumbled across a […]

double strollers

Choosing a Double Stroller – Britax B-Agile Double Review

When we found out we were expecting Baby Lion, the one piece of baby gear that I insisted I had to have was a double stroller. Living in the suburbs, but also in a walking-friendly area, I used my single B-Agile stroller at least once, sometimes 3-4 times a day! I knew that having two […]

chicco c6

The Best Umbrella Strollers: Chicco C6 Review

Our Maclaren Quest umbrella stroller recently broke after 5 years of use, and I really didn’t want to buy another stroller. But after two months of using a double stroller with Olive, I broke down and purchased the Chicco C6. When your child still naps, you live in New York, walk everywhere, and take public […]

stroller babywearing

Babywearing + Strollers – What Works For Us

In our house, babywearing and using strollers were never mutually exclusive gear choices! We went back and forth between a few different options and although we’ve grown out of the baby wearing (both boys are over 25lbs!), these were our favorite options. When K was an infant, we wore him out in this simple (and inexpensive) […]

the city SUV

The Big Stroller

Five years ago, the Bugaboo Chameleon strolled into my life. After the crib, it was our first major baby investment. I was a new Mom and the heavy, cumbersome stroller was the enemy. I grumbled something fierce about learning how to maneuver this thing; it was like learning to walk again. Taking on stairs, tiny prewar elevators, […]

combi vs. bob

Choosing a Double Stroller

There have been a lot of questions regarding double strollers on the boards recently, so some of our mamas with 2 kids share experiences, pros, cons and regrets about our double strollers below! All of our kids are about 22 months – 2 1/2 years apart. Mrs. High Heels/WOHM/Suburbs Our first double stroller was the […]

Mrs. Sketchbook’s Budget Gear Part 2: The Ignite Hits the Golf Course

Following on the heels of my last budget gear post, here’s a review of the stroller we just got Scribble a few days ago: The First Years Ignite! Warning! Ancient iphone pics ahead!

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