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Mrs. Sketchbook's Budget Gear Part 2: The Ignite Hits the Golf Course

Following on the heels of my last budget gear post, here's a review of the stroller we just got Scribble a few days ago: The First Years Ignite! Warning! Ancient iphone pics ahead!


Double Strollers for Twins

Almost every new mother-to-be asks, "What stroller should I buy?"  But if you are a future twin mom, the answer can be a little more complicated. I had a lot of stroller confusion when I found out I was having two babies. Although there are way less options for double strollers, navigating the needs of [...]


Stroller Review: Jeep Liberty Stroller

One thing I have learned is that there is no perfect stroller for everyone because everyone has different needs. Needs vary depending on budget, where you live, age and number of children, and more. For myself personally, I wanted a stroller that was three wheeled so I could use it for jogging if I started [...]


Stroller Comparison Guide

Researching strollers gave me the biggest headache out of all the baby gear I researched.  There were just SO.MANY.OPTIONS. and so many brands with so many different features. When deciding on a stroller, it's also really important to factor in the type of city you live in (suburb vs. city vs. countryside), and what kind [...]

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Infantino Stretch

Now that summer is here and we're out and about all weekend, I want to purchase an organizer for our Maclaren Quest umbrella stroller. I first looked to the universal organizer by Maclaren, but several reviewers stated that the cup holder is too small to hold any beverages other than small plastic water bottles, and [...]


Maclaren Globetrotter

Maclaren released a new umbrella stroller called the Globetrotter in January of this year.  It's a cross between the light weight of the Maclaren Volo, with the reclining feature of the Maclaren Quest, and falls right in the middle weight-wise and price-wise between the two. At just 10.6 lbs, it's comparable in weight to the [...]


Double Strollers

Up until now, it's been pretty easy to wear Olive and have Charlie walk or ride in a stroller. But Olive is getting heavier, and when we're out all day like we were at the zoo yesterday, we really need a double stroller so both kids can nap. We currently have a Graco Stroller Frame, [...]

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