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Digital Perm Collage

Korean Perms

It’s a well-established fact by now that I am lazy. It’s true. And while I love fashion and style and try my best to keep up my appearance, I’m all about shortcuts. And steps that are one-step. Maybe two. Told ya, L-A-Z-Y. My absolute favorite shortcut when it comes to my hair is to have […]

16 great diy holiday hair do's

16 Great Do It Yourself Holiday Hair Do’s

I really love searching through hair tutorials, and I usually pin them in hopes that I’ll try them down the road. Down the road only ever seems to come around the holidays or party time. I have never been really skilled at doing my hair, but when I see a tutorial of someone doing it […]


Baby It’s Cold Outside / 30 Great Every Day of Winter Sweaters

Is it just me or is the weather everywhere much warmer this winter season? Slightly warmer winter weather or not, it’s still cold and by now you’ve probably pulled out your sweaters from storage. But then you probably also noticed that one sweater with the big hole you forgot all about, or the one that accidentally […]


Where To Shop For Ethical Eco-Friendly Women’s Fashion

As I wrote awhile back, I’ve been making an effort to be a conscious consumer. I also wrote not long ago I am attempting to “streamline my life.” Both of these new efforts involve buying less stuff: simplifying my wardrobe, adding to it less frequently, choosing “quality over quantity.” When I began searching for alternative places […]

what is a capsule collection_

The WHO, WHAT, WHY On Capsule Wardrobes

I have put together a few myself and for Hellobee. They seem to be all the rage on Pinterest, am I right? As usual, something that should be super simple comes across as pretty complicated, so I thought I would take a few minutes and just break down the whole big idea around Capsule Wardrobes/Wardrobe […]

sigma eyeshadow brushes

8 Tips to Take Your Makeup to the Next Level

Lately many of my friends have been asking me to do their makeup for them. On the one hand it’s a compliment on my makeup skills. On the other hand it’s kind of an insult because they always see me without makeup and know what a difference it makes haha! That’s ok though because I love […]


What To Do About Winter Hat Hair

Winter hat hair. It’s sorta like a big messy Monday that happens almost everyday of the winter – it’s unavoidable and inevitable. So after, blankity-blank (I’m modest like that) years “enjoying” (cough) winters, I have sorta figured out how to deal with messy winter hair. Or at least how to ignore it, but ignoring is […]

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