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What To Do About Winter Hat Hair

Winter hat hair. It’s sorta like a big messy Monday that happens almost everyday of the winter – it’s unavoidable and inevitable. So after, blankity-blank (I’m modest like that) years “enjoying” (cough) winters, I have sorta figured out how to deal with messy winter hair. Or at least how to ignore it, but ignoring is […]


Working Mom Wardrobe Staples for Fall

As a full time WOHM, I’ve been struggling with my wardrobe ever since I became a mom of two. I’m always looking for pieces that will see lots of wear (I’m all about price per wear!) as well as be flattering AND comfortable, and not break the bank either. See why I’ve been struggling?? Summers […]

My Makeup Routine

Until recently, I have never found makeup I truly loved. Everything was mediocre, and I tried so many drugstore and high-end brands until I finally found what works best for me. Now, in the summer my makeup routine is slightly different. My pale Norwegian/German skin tends to change shades throughout the summer, so I need […]


10 Cool Summer Hairstyles

I’m talking cool like a cucumber hairstyles — updos or half updos that will keep you feeling a little less overheated this summer. They all have the added benefit of being pretty, and most of them pretty easy (so easy, even someone hairstyle challenged like myself can pull off). So instead of your regular top […]


The Winter Wardrobe Blues

Every year when winter first approaches it is actually sorta exciting, pulling out all the winter gear and wearing it for the first time that year – I admit it’s a little fun.  But it all gets old really really fast, when you have to wear the same coat, boots, etc everyday for like 2-4 […]

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