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April Activities for Infants/Toddlers – Outside Play Edition!

I shared previously that I will be attempting to plan activities for Little Lion this year based on a monthly theme. April’s theme is Spring and Weather. These activities are intended for Little Lion, who will be 13 months old, but they could easily be adapted for an older or younger child. Please consider your child’s [...]

Dreaming-of-Summer Boy

I’m Dreaming of Summer

As we hunker down in preparation for another snow storm, I can’t help but think of summer, the warmth, the long days spent outside, and the beach.  I have never been a fan of the winter and now as stores start putting out their spring lines and resort collections filled with swimsuits, my mind is [...]

beach gear

Beach Gear

Mr. Chocolate and I are beach lovers. Mr. Chocolate grew up only a mile away from the beach and has the fondest memories of being at the beach every summer with his family, neighbors, and friends as he got older. Because he was a local, he knew all the ins and outs of going for [...]


Summer Fun List 2013

It’s time for our annual Summer Fun List! Last year, we had so much fun with our Summer Fun List and were able to complete almost all of the activities on it, so we knew that it would be a continuing summer tradition for our family. For this summer’s list, I added many of the [...]

summer sun protection

Summer Sun Protection and The Safest Sunscreens for Kids

During the summers, Charlie and Olive are out in the sun every single day, so sun protection is something we take very seriously. I share some of our summer sun protection essentials in this post, as well as some of our sunblock hits, misses and favorite resources after the jump!

rash guards for girls

Rashguards for Girls

Little girls’ swimming suits are so adorable, but I love the sun protection that rashguards provide their sensitive skin. I scoured the internet for cute rashguards for Olive because most are made for little boys. Then the rashguards I was considering at Cabana Life happened to come on sale a couple days later on both [...]


10 Cool Summer Hairstyles

I’m talking cool like a cucumber hairstyles — updos or half updos that will keep you feeling a little less overheated this summer. They all have the added benefit of being pretty, and most of them pretty easy (so easy, even someone hairstyle challenged like myself can pull off). So instead of your regular top [...]

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