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Fitz post surgery

Blessings through baby’s surgery

Following Fitz’s diagnosis with an undescended testicle, we found out more complications with his health that somehow also ended up being a blessing! The first blessing was that we were recommended to a children’s urologist that was also the father of one of the students in my class that year. It was nice knowing that while I took […]

Loving her new special "dress"

Our Adenoidectomy Experience

When 2016 began, I was counting my blessings. Baby C was approaching her 3rd birthday in June and aside from a few sniffles here and there and two rounds of fairly mild Hand, Foot, Mouth disease, we really hadn’t dealt with any illnesses in her nearly 3 years. You can guess where this story is […]


Infant Hearing Loss and Tubes

BILATERAL MYRINGOTOMY WITH TUBE INSERTION: Those words are scrawled across the top of our surgery intake forms. Forms I’d hoped we wouldn’t have to deal with when Baby Oats was less than a year old. I wrote here about our experience with newborn hearing screening and hearing loss, and how we had adopted a bit of […]

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