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“Are we done?”, Surrogacy Style

A few months ago, our surrogate approached us asking if we were interested in going through the surrogacy journey again with her and adding to our family. She was ready to carry another baby for a couple in need, and she wanted to give us first “dibs” (to put it simply!). To give you some […]


Interview with The Birth Hour

Last week I had the wonderful privilege of being a guest on a podcast called The Birth Hour. In July of last year, my surrogate and I were profiled in a Cosmopolitan.com article about the unique circumstances around my daughters’ births. I wrote a post about our wonderful experience with the folks at Cosmo here […]

Surrogacy: The Legal Aspect

First things first, I am not a lawyer. If you are considering surrogacy and want to understand the legal issues associated with the process, I recommend setting up a meeting with a local attorney who specializes in surrogacy. My thoughts and observations below are only my own, and came together through two surrogacy experiences across […]

These two bumps took a lot longer to create than many people realize! (James Currie Photography)

Timeline for a surrogacy pregnancy

Most of the comments that I received when we disclosed our surrogate pregnancy were so positive, and I loved feeling all of the support and love when people heard our story. But there were a few comments that would raise my blood pressure quickly, and one of them was, “Wow, it’s amazing how this all […]

Our surrogate and I around 20-25 weeks.

Requirements to become a Surrogate

I’ve loved seeing some responses to my posts on Hellobee as people have said that they would love to be a surrogate for someone. Just as I am in awe of our surrogate and her huge heart in helping us build our family, I likewise have so much respect and admiration for others who may […]

Me and our surrogate moments after Audrey's birth

The Surrogacy Relationship Post-Birth

We are approaching Baby Audrey’s five month birthday, and thus nearing five months since our surrogate delivered our baby. Before I entered into a surrogate arrangement, I always wondered what the relationship would be like after the birth. In fact, many surrogacy agencies force you to think about the type of relationship that you want […]

Magical moment. All photos by Sweetly Cherished Photography.

A surrogate delivery from the perspective of an intended mother

I’ve written a little bit about Baby Audrey’s surrogacy birth in this post, but I wanted to put together a list of tips as well as my thoughts about the birth experience from the point of view of an intended mother. There were a few things that caught me by surprise, and also a few […]

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