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A few days old and contemplating how to bust out of that lame attempt at a swaddle

All About Swaddling

Before I got pregnant, I'd never even heard of swaddling, much less why it's useful, how to do it properly, etc. When Mr. Carrot and I took our newborn care class and were taught how to swaddle, I joked that if Baby C is anything like her mama, she will hate being constrained. Lo and [...]

Adventures in Swaddle Weaning

Swaddling was one of those baby-things that I never thought much about prior to having a baby of my own. I figured that you wrap a baby in a blanket to keep them warm...and since they like being warm, they’ll stay wrapped up. Right? When Little Oats was born, I realized quickly that there was [...]


How Baby Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit Changed My Life

I love sleep and always have.  Nothing is more heavenly for me than to curl up under my blankets, snuggle up to my pillow and blissfully float away to dreamland. Pre-Drake I regularly took naps since my high school days. Sleep is my ultimate bliss and not only do I love it, I need it [...]


My baby sleeps in a basket

It's that sweet time at the end of a long day… it's bed time. She's had her dinner. She's had her bath. She's lathered in coconut oil and zipped up in her warmest PJ's. The only next step is to tie her into her basket. Wait. What?? Baby O in her pusuk at 1 week [...]


The Double Swaddle

At less than three months Cobi was busting out of his swaddles. This is a tutorial on how to do the double swaddle, which is seriously breakout-proof.


Sleep at 10 Weeks

Like most new parents, we are constantly asked whether or not Baby H is a good sleeper. In the early days, I was always sad to report that she wasn't. It's not that I expected her to be sleeping through the night - I'm a fairly realistic person - but I thought that we'd be [...]

olive swaddled

When to Stop Swaddling

Olive hit three big milestones all on the same day this week - she got her first tooth, we stopped swaddling her cold turkey, and she slept through the night (11 straight hours!). A 2 week old double swaddled Olive. As a sleep-deprived parent, the milestone I'm obviously most happy about is sleeping through the [...]

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