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merlin zipadeezip

Merlin Magic Sleepsuit versus Zipadee-Zip

One of the great loves of my life is sleep. I was so excited when we learned we were expecting the twinblings, but one of my biggest anxieties about their arrivals was the looming loss of sleep. So I have always been extremely curious about any product that claims to help babies sleep longer and […]

A few days old and contemplating

All About Swaddling

Before I got pregnant, I’d never even heard of swaddling, much less why it’s useful, how to do it properly, etc. When Mr. Carrot and I took our newborn care class and were taught how to swaddle, I joked that if Baby C is anything like her mama, she will hate being constrained. Lo and […]

The day my daughter found her new best friend

This post was written quite a few months ago but it is one of my favourites and I hope you enjoy it as much I enjoyed writing it. One day last week, we decided that Little Tea Cup was ready to start sleeping unswaddled because she was starting to try to roll over on her tummy. I […]


My baby sleeps in a basket

It’s that sweet time at the end of a long day… it’s bed time. She’s had her dinner. She’s had her bath. She’s lathered in coconut oil and zipped up in her warmest PJ’s. The only next step is to tie her into her basket. Wait. What?? Baby O in her pusuk at 1 week […]

Baby Yo-yo swaddled

(Still) Swaddling

Baby Y is closing in on six months, and we’re still riding the swaddle train. I’ve read that we should have stopped around 3-4 months. I’ve read that we should be stopping now that he’s rolling (he doesn’t in his crib – at least not so far – and I’m pretty sure he’ll protest if […]

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