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Caramelized White Hot Chocolate

So, how is everyone’s holiday season going? I aim to be the kind of person who takes December in stride, staying above the the fray when it comes to stress and general busyness, but if I’m being real the past week really wore me down. When I start feeling tightness in my shoulders and become […]


Peanut Butter Banana Treat

I saw this recipe on Facebook recently and it looked 1) simple, 2) filled with ingredients that were pretty good for you and Drake liked, and 3) quick to make.  Today after Juliet went to take a nap and Drake was playing, I decided to try it.

hot chocolate

Homemade Coconut Hot Chocolate

Seriously you all. SERIOUSLY. This coconut hot chocolate is beyond yummy. It’s addicting, really. So about a week ago the weather finally began to cool down here in Monterey, and I quickly got a hankering for some hot chocolate. That’s pretty much been off limits because of Little Deer’s MSPI, but I figured I could […]

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