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Fighting the Fours

A while back I read Mrs. Wagon’s post about The Fabulous Fours and thought oh how wonderful to have something to look forward to. Fast forward to now, at the tail end of four, and I can say four has been anything but fabulous for us. For what it’s worth I will say Drake never went […]


Basics of Behavior: Escape Behaviors

We’ve talked about the four functions of behavior and how to address attention-seeking behaviors, and now it’s time to talk about a function that is a bit easier to deal with: escape behaviors. As a reminder, these are behaviors that exist in order to escape an non-preferred item, place, activity, or person. Maybe your kid hates going […]

A Parenting Revelation in Toddler Discipline: Theory vs Practice

At 14 months old, Roman has begun to experience his very first little temper tantrums. The first caught me by surprise at our local bakery: we were sharing a smoothie, Roman kept insisting on pulling out the straw and waving it around splattering smoothie juice everywhere. When I tried to put the straw back and […]


Parenting with Patience

We are experiencing full-blown toddler tantrums right now. Miss H is throwing everything in sight when she is angry, she is throwing her body down on the ground in rage, she is hitting, she is screaming, she is demanding. Or, in short: she is 2. It’s been about a month since we’ve seen the true […]


Can You Do Me A Favor

Drake is at the amazing age where he is learning more about his own independence as well as trying out new abilities and accomplishments.  Along with that he is also developing a understanding of what he wants and doesnt want, which doesn’t always line up with what mommy and daddy want for him. These two […]

The “Emotional” Phase

The Toddler Dudes turned one on March 11.  Approximately 2 weeks later, we had not babies, but TODDLERS.  I don’t mean that they started walking; they’ve been doing that since 10 1/2 months, which was kind of horrifying fantastic because parents of twins always hope for early walkers.  :-/  But moving on, when I say […]


Tantrum Threes

Since Drake turned three, we have been stuck in what I call the tantrum threes. When Drake turned two, everyone said that the twos would be horrible, but I’ll be honest and say I thought two was pretty easy, especially now that we are in the threes.  Displeasure is starting From eighteen months to about two […]

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