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The “Emotional” Phase

The Toddler Dudes turned one on March 11.  Approximately 2 weeks later, we had not babies, but TODDLERS.  I don’t mean that they started walking; they’ve been doing that since 10 1/2 months, which was kind of horrifying fantastic because parents of twins always hope for early walkers.  :-/  But moving on, when I say [...]


Tantrum Threes

Since Drake turned three, we have been stuck in what I call the tantrum threes. When Drake turned two, everyone said that the twos would be horrible, but I’ll be honest and say I thought two was pretty easy, especially now that we are in the threes.  Displeasure is starting From eighteen months to about two [...]


Reasons My Toddler is Freaking Out

Aren’t toddlers a joy?  My child often reminds me of a ticking time bomb.  One minute he is happy and all is right in the world.  Then you look at him the wrong way (or suggest something he doesn’t like, or don’t read his mind quickly enough) and he acts like the world is coming [...]

Diagnosing Tantrums and Behavioral Problems for 3-4 Year Olds

A friend of mine once told me that during the 3′s her kids’ behavior was usually good for 2 weeks then bad for 1. During the 4′s, they were good for 3 weeks then bad for 1. As they got older, their behavior increasingly improved. Mrs. Wagon recently wrote that 4 has been fabulous. We’re [...]

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Make it Stop

I realize this title is a little dramatic. Okay a lot dramatic. However there are moments that I admit, I have uttered these words out loud, probably at a louder volume then I should. Sometimes motherhood – well it is pretty damn hard. One of those moments for me is when the Lil’ Tea Cup starts [...]


Mourning the Quick Errand

It was a tale of two toddlers.  One was curious but content, happy to cruise up and down the aisles with his mom as they popped into the grocery store to pick up a few items to fill the fridge.  He explored with his eyes, and occasionally with his feet, but he stayed close to [...]

Strangers and Tantrums in Restaurants

Earlier this week we had an upsetting experience taking Little Piñata out to dinner. Mr. Piñata was out of town for work for the week, so my parents were kind enough to take me and Little P to a local family friendly cafe/restaurant for dinner. We don’t take Little Piñata out to restaurants very often, [...]

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