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Early Teething Babies

Baby Pencil had been fussy since... well, since as long as I can remember! The type of fussiness varies. He was a high maintenance sleeper and did not smile a whole lot. I just accepted the fact that I did not have a super smiley, Gerber baby. But there was a period around 3 months [...]


Blame it on the teeth

It started in the very early days for us. I remember sitting there with a crying 1 month old, showing my Mom her gums and saying, "look at how white they are, there must be a tooth right there!" I mean why else would a little one be so upset and so crabby; it has to be [...]

Essentials for Early Teethers

There have been a few product lists for teething here on Hellobee, but I have been blessed (???) with two very early teethers. Wagon Jr. cut his first tooth at 3.5 months, and Lil Miss Wagon has definitely been teething for the past few weeks, starting at the tender age of 3 months. So obviously [...]


Surviving the "Terrible Teeth"

It's funny looking at the teething chart posted by Mrs. Bee. It shows the bottom central incisors arriving at 6-10 months. You can imagine my surprise when both of Baby H's started arriving a couple of weeks back at 4 1/2 months! Yikes. We so weren't prepared for our sweet baby to get some chompers [...]


Teething Survival Kit

Wonder Baby got her first tooth last week!  Just in time to start Baby Led Weaning tomorrow on her six month birthday.  She's got another one pushing its way through, which is a fun addition to the wonder week and learning to be mobile stuff she's got going on.  We aren't sleeping much.  I can't [...]


Teething Chart

I found this nifty teething chart from Orajel on Pinterest yesterday. Charlie's teeth really did sprout in this order. We're still waiting for his upper and lower second molars, which come in sometime between 23-33 months. File this under good to know!


Best Teethers

Charlie loved chomping on teethers, but I think we were lucky that teething didn't really seem to bother him all that much except for his molars.  We tried many a teether from 3 months when Charlie started drooling. These include some of his favorites! 1) Green Sprouts Infinity Teether Rattle; 2) Sophie the Giraffe; 3) [...]

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