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Our First Trip Away

Last weekend Mr. Garland and I went on our first-ever overnight trip away from Jackson. Mr. Garland had spent nights apart from him in the past for various work things, but it was my first time ever sleeping away from him. You guys, it was terrifying! For months leading up to the trip, I was so […]

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How Our Toddler and Infant Play Together

We’ve been very surprised by how much Lion and Panda play together! Although we wanted them close in age in the hopes that they would have a tight sibling bond, we thought that it would take time for Panda to get to an age where Lion would be interested. Lion took an immediate interest in […]


Potty Training Gear

Well, I hesitate to even say anything out loud for fear of jinxing myself but… Jackson is potty trained!  I was debating whether or not I should go for it a while back, and you guys really encouraged me to go ahead and give it a go, so we decided to dive in shortly after I […]

Mini Pbj

Meet Mini PB&J – 27 Month Update

I talked briefly about Mini PB&J in my introduction post a few weeks ago, but since I’m such a recent new addition the blogger team, I thought it might be fun to get you guys a little better acquainted with Mini PB&J and do a 27-month update! M I N I   P B & J […]

21 Fun activities for toddlers on rainy days - this list is a great resource for affordable ideas for keeping your little ones busy when you can't go outside!

21 Affordable Rainy Day Activities for Three Year Olds

Blerg, rainy days. We’ve had a surprising number of them lately considering we live in Central Texas in a semi-arid climate. I love the rain because it means our rivers, lakes, and aquifers are filling up, but I don’t always love being stuck indoors with an active three year old. On those long afternoons after […]


Keeping Toddlers Busy

I’ve said time and again how much I love having a toddler – this age is hilarious, insane, and fleeting and I’m loving every second of it. One of the aspects of toddlerhood that can be frustrating, however, is that at this age they lack a lot of independence and that means it can be […]


Adjusting to the Move

OK, I’ll just say it straight out: You guys were all 100% right about transitioning to a cot for nap time! Daycare totally handled it (although they did tell me it would take a while – and he has napped, no issues, on his cot from Day One!) and all of  my fears were completely […]

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