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Packing for an Airplane: Using the Dollar Store

Mr. Pen's family lives in New York, so he tries to make a point to visit every year. This year, due to my school and work schedule, I'll be unable to join him - but he's planned a fun-filled trip with J and spending lots of time with his family he scarcely sees. In preparation [...]

favorite toddler shoe brands

Favorite Toddler Shoe Brands

I feel like we have tried many shoe brands since J became mobile. Over half were complete duds – as a crawling baby, it was hard to find shoes that didn’t fall off his feet. Given that he was around nine months when winter hit, he needed some type of feet protection. And now as [...]


Jacobi's Second Birthday Party

For Jacobi’s first birthday, we had a marvelous party and I don’t regret it one bit; it was a very special event for our family. I am a birthday person and highly value celebrating people, so I knew I wanted to make his second birthday special, but with limited time due to a full course [...]


What's in my Bag - Toddler Edition

When Lil' Tea Cup was an infant, I carried everything and the kitchen sink in our diaper bag. If  you don't believe me - you can check out this post about it here.  I don't regret carrying all those goodies around with me for months. I like to feel prepared and I find with infants [...]


Toddler Drama

We're in the middle of a ruthless tantrum throwing and messed-up sleep stage right now that's seriously insane. Little M turned 15 months old last week (I'm due for an update and he's due for photos!) and all of a sudden everything is worthy of a tantrum. I thought he was throwing the occasional tantrum [...]

Which Stage Was the Most Difficult?

In this Swarm post, mamas of kids 3-4 years old chime in on which stage was the most difficult: infant, toddler, 2's or 3's. I think it has been different with the three boys versus my one girl. With the three boys, the infant stage was by far the most consuming. I felt like I [...]


DIY Activity Wallet

Please welcome the latest diy contributor to Hellobee, the amazingly talented photographer, crafter, and mom Kaley Ann! ~~~ Do you ever feel like you need a whole bag of toys to keep your little one occupied while you are on an airplane, at a restaurant, or in the doctor's waiting room?  Then even if you [...]

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