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Mommy Confessions: Sometimes I don’t like my toddler

Even just writing the title of this post, I feel like a terrible mother. Especially as a mother who daydreamed throughout her pregnancy about the idyllic life I would have as a stay at home mom, who couldn’t wait to dive head first into full time child rearing, who admittedly (albeit silently) judged the hell […]

A Parenting Revelation in Toddler Discipline: Theory vs Practice

At 14 months old, Roman has begun to experience his very first little temper tantrums. The first caught me by surprise at our local bakery: we were sharing a smoothie, Roman kept insisting on pulling out the straw and waving it around splattering smoothie juice everywhere. When I tried to put the straw back and […]


For the Love of Dinosaurs

I loved Mrs. Confetti’s post about maximizing opportunities regarding your child’s obsessions and how to develop and enjoy that love of theirs with them. At the time, I started thinking then about what my toddler’s obsession is. J doesn’t have obsessions, but he has things that it is very apparent he loves, and a little […]

The “Emotional” Phase

The Toddler Dudes turned one on March 11.  Approximately 2 weeks later, we had not babies, but TODDLERS.  I don’t mean that they started walking; they’ve been doing that since 10 1/2 months, which was kind of horrifying fantastic because parents of twins always hope for early walkers.  :-/  But moving on, when I say […]

Becoming a Parent all Over Again

Shortly after Scribble turned one, parenting suddenly felt a lot more difficult.  I Googled around to see if anyone shared my anxiety.  I heard a lot of equivocation and euphemism.  Parents spoke of their toddlers “driving them crazy,” or making them “want to pull their hair out.”  I wasn’t sure if this was literal, or […]


Learning about Infant/Toddler Development – Five Helpful Resources

For generations moms and dads have joked about the need for children to come with an instruction manual, with good reason! I don’t think a day has gone by that I don’t turn to Google to figure out SOMETHING that Little Lion is doing.

how to deal with toddler tantrums

Make it Stop

I realize this title is a little dramatic. Okay a lot dramatic. However there are moments that I admit, I have uttered these words out loud, probably at a louder volume then I should. Sometimes motherhood – well it is pretty damn hard. One of those moments for me is when the Lil’ Tea Cup starts […]

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