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Stop Doing These Things for Your Toddler

As Jackson gets older, it can be hard for me to remember that I need to back off a bit and start letting him do things for himself. Over the last two years I’ve gotten into such a habit of doing everything for him, and now I’m having to reprogram my brain and learn that he’s […]


Incorporating Choice Into Toddler Routines

The more entrenched we become in the toddlerhood phase, the more I am able to recognize how vitally important it is to incorporate choices into each and every part of Jackson’s day. Every time I get in a rush and forget to give him a little bit of control, the tantrums and screaming start pretty […]


You Know You Live With a Toddler If…

I love having a toddler. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it – this is far and away my favorite phase of parenthood so far, and I absolutely adore how fun, ridiculous, and challenging toddlers are. But, anyone who has ever parented a toddler knows it’s not all fun and games. Sometimes it’s hard. And my […]

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I Forgot What 2 Year-OIds Are Like…

Two year-olds are straight up crazy people. There, I said it. Also, can I get an AMEN?? I seriously forgot how nutso 2 year-olds are. Before Lil’ CG came home, things were, dare I say, fairly easy managing one 6 year-old kiddo. At 6, Lil’ CB is fairly independent and predictable in his actions and […]


Embracing Independence

If you have a toddler (or have spent any time around one, ever) you know that they’re independent little creatures. They’re learning how to gain control over situations and exert their independence every chance they get. If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “I got it” or, “No! Jackson!” (as in, Jackson […]


It Gets Better

When I first had Jackson, I was a hot mess of a new mom. I felt like I had no identity outside of being a mother, I felt like life as I knew it was over, and I worried that things would never get better. I know what it’s like to see an endless sea […]

Life With a Two Year Old

LeLe is almost 2 and life is crazy. She is the busiest person I have ever met, and her strange ways of getting things done make me laugh almost every day. I’ve compiled a list of what is normal around our house now with a 2 year old. Sometimes I feel like I need to […]

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