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Target Blocks: Fun Foam Finds

I think we’re at a really fun stage in the Bear household right now. Both cubs are very enthusiastic when it comes to learning things – in Patrick’s case, he’s actually listening and trying to mimic my actions to the best of his ability then improving on my meager attempts at creative play. In Olivia’s [...]


Roadtrip Essentials

In just a few short weeks, we will be embarking on our first family road trip from New Jersey to Florida.  To say I am not daunted at the idea of such a long car ride with a 4 year old and a 1 year old would be a lie; I am terrified. Juliet has [...]


Travel Toys at the Target One Spot

We’re leaving for our annual trip to visit Mr. Bee’s parents in the Philippines next week, which means that I’ve been in full-on preparation mode! The trip is 3 flights one way, and about 40 straight hours of travel. I was terrified the first year we made this trip when Olive was 9 months and [...]

5 educational toys

5 educational toys for summer vacation

Now that we’re into the second month of summer vacation, I am already starting to think about getting HJ ready for the school year. She had a great kindergarten year, but she still needs some extra practice in phonics and letter recognition to catch up. (HJ has verbal apraxia, which makes reading a little more [...]



I am not a scary movie type of girl. I haven’t watched a scary movie since the original Scream (I couldn’t use public restrooms for months, and I always use the one against the wall now so I only have one unexposed side). Sometimes my over active imagination gets to me after seeing or reading [...]

diy magnatiles

Toys I Want to Make My Kids

I love toys.  Even before I had kids, I used to like to pass through the toy aisles in Target to look at what was out there. Now that I have kids, I spend a lot of time researching the best educational toys and games to buy them.  Recently I started to pin some toy [...]


Packing for an Airplane: Using the Dollar Store

Mr. Pen’s family lives in New York, so he tries to make a point to visit every year. This year, due to my school and work schedule, I’ll be unable to join him – but he’s planned a fun-filled trip with J and spending lots of time with his family he scarcely sees. In preparation [...]

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