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Outdoor Toys for Spring

The weather is finally warm enough to detox my kiddos from TV and play outside. Spring through Fall we are outside all day. While we mostly play in nature, we have a few outdoor toys that have been passed along to us over the years. We break these out when all the cousins or neighbors […]


Our Favorite Toys for a 4-year-old & 2-year-old

Finding a toy that makes one kid happy is hard enough, but finding a toy that occupies the time and attention of two kids is a treasure! Even though StarCakes and GemCakes are almost two years apart, there are some toys that appeal to both of them despite the age gap. Here are the toys […]


Gift Ideas for Two Year Olds

We’ve recently started making our way around the 2-year-old birthday party circuit. While it has been oh so entertaining to see a bunch of toddlers run around a room together, I’ve also managed to pick up some great gift ideas from various friends and family members. Here are a few items that we have gotten […]


Best Toys for Two Toddlers to Play With Together

Ah! I can’t believe I have two toddlers now! I just adore this stage where Lion is constantly amazing me with his language skills and Panda is becoming more verbal and interactive by the day. I love hearing the pitter patter of two sets of tiny feet running in our hallways and watching the two […]


Toddler Puzzles

Idaho’s treasure valley has broken a 130-year snowfall record, with temps that have consistently stayed below freezing. Meaning we have spent a whole lot of time inside this winter. It constantly feels like we are exhausting all of our indoor play options. The other day, Eli got into our game closet and pulled out a […]

Which Christmas Gifts Were the Biggest Hits?

A G E  < 1 Lilly (8 months) went crazy for a rocking horse that her aunt purchased for her. She is still so small that she can barely sit on the horse, but she squealed so loudly when we put her on and rocked her – I’ve never seen her happier! Audrey (7 months) […]

Christmas Morning

Christmas Hits

Another Christmas is over and now it’s time to see how well Santa did with the present choices. Gifts are my love language so I like to think I’m pretty good at gauging what gifts my kids will like. I spend a lot of time during the year saving ideas for their birthdays and Christmas. […]

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