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Toys, toys, toys

When we are at other people’s home, the gym day care or in play spaces, Colin seems to love playing with certain toys.  Before C’s first birthday, I tried to pay close attention to what interested him when we were out and about, so that when our families asked what C would like for his [...]


Our Favorite “Big” Toys

I must preface this post by saying that Baby Markers is blessed with a giant family who all live nearby, including 5 grandparents, 5 great-grandparents and a slew of aunts and uncles who all love to buy her presents. With that being said, our home has started to look like the neighborhood indoor playspace because [...]


Toy Review: AquaDoodle Draw ‘n’ Doodle Mat

We received the AquaDoodle Draw ‘n’ Doodle Mat from a friend as a gift, and boy oh boy, does the whole family love this toy!! It’s pretty simple: you fill the pen with water and then you can “draw” with water through the felt tip. Drawing with the water on the mat reveals colors, and [...]

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Gifts for Two Year Olds

Shopping for Jacobi’s second birthday gifts was a lot more fun now that he’s older and can genuinely appreciate receiving a gift and exploring a new toy. I had so much I wanted to buy for him, but ultimately chose a few gifts I knew he would love. Two weeks after receiving the gifts, I’ve [...]


Magnatabs: Perfect Toddler Toys

Miss H was recently gifted some Magnatabs as a belated Christmas gift. While I smiled excitedly while she opened the gift, inside I thought they would  just sit around the house not getting used. They didn’t look terribly exciting to me. Boy was I wrong! Magnatab makes a variety of these (cursive, letters, numbers, etc.), [...]


Magnatiles – The Best Toy Ever

Long before Charlie was old enough for Magnatiles, I started scouring my local parenting listserv for a used set because they were so pricey and I knew how popular they were. Two years went by and not a single set came up for sale. Finally my mom bought Charlie a set shortly after he turned [...]

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Having Less Toys Encourages More Imaginative Play

Over the past year, I’ve noticed that the kids have needed less and less toys. As they’ve gotten older, they’ve tended to play with the same ones, and these days they’re more into arts and crafts anyway. One thing that hasn’t waned though is their love of playing with pretend ice cream. Charlie has loved [...]

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