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Quick Tips for Preparing for a Trip without Your Kids

You may have read on a previous post that Mr. Piñata and I went on a 7-night, 9-day trip to Italy and that Little Piñata stayed home with my parents. This involved a whole lot more preparation than I would have imagined! I think I started about a month before our trip and I’m sure […]


The first Wagon Family trip

Our family does not travel often. We have taken many long road trips to visit family and attend weddings, but we almost never go anywhere that requires a plane ride. In fact, at almost 3.5 years old, we had never taken Wagon Jr. on a plane. The few times we had to fly somewhere, we […]

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Packing Checklist for Flying With Children – Part Two

We’re headed to the Philippines again this summer to visit Mr. Bee’s parents because our daycare closes in August. It’s also hard for his parents to make the trip to visit us, so we only see them once a year. Our trip to the Philippines last year was 8 flights (NY -> LA -> Tokyo […]

Little C and one of his fave caregivers, Grandpa, poolside

Preparing for a weekend getaway…without baby

A vacation with a baby does not feels like a vacation to me – it is more like a trip.  Location changes, perhaps the weather is a much-needed improvement, activities are different from the day-to-day routine, but when traveling with babies in tow, there is no escaping the feed, activity, diaper, nap, bedtime routine.  Yes, […]

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45 Tips for Flying With Kids

Part 1: Packing checklist spreadsheet Part 3: Best Infant and Toddler Travel Toys I used to be scared of traveling with kids because visions of them throwing tantrums and crying nonstop danced through my head. But after our recent 8-flight round trip, I’ve become a complete convert, and definitely plan on traveling a lot more […]

Flying With Your Baby Without Creating Enemies

We all fear being that mom.  You know the one.  The mom with a huge, overflowing bag which she manages to hit everyone sitting in the aisle seat with as she trudges her way to the only seat open in the back of the plane, carrying a screaming, wiggling baby.  She barely notices that everyone […]

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