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Destination: Woodstock, NY

We use all our vacation time to visit family, so we’ve never taken a vacation with just the four of us. After a long, cold winter I was itching for a getaway, so two weeks ago we decided to take a little weekend trip upstate. Mr. Bee found the cutest cabin nestled in the mountains […]


Traveling With Two under Two: Our Family Trip To LA

This year we decided to spend Easter in Los Angeles. My sister has been traveling for work and was scheduled to be there over the holiday. We miss her, as do my parents, so we all met up on the west coast for five days of a sunny California family vacation. This meant taking our first trip as […]


Living Outside the U.S. with Kids: Thoughts and Considerations

While I am most definitely a ‘planner,’ I would say it wasn’t until Mr. Milk and I found ourselves with a great deal of thinking and talking time while living in Cambodia that we were able to really dive into planning our future as a family. Without meaning to, we essentially talked through and laid […]


Traveling First Aid Kit

Last February we were in Paris enjoying dinner in our rented apartment when the littlest Sk8er slipped through one of the open back dining chairs hitting the back of his head on the floorboard. Thankfully, it was just a scalp injury, but still one of the more scary and messy boo-boos we have experienced. The […]

tips for traveling solo with a toddler

5 Tips for Solo Traveling with a Toddler

I just took my second and third solo flight with Bunny. Last time I wrote about flying with her she was 15 months; this time she was 18 months, and boy, oh boy, what a difference three months make. I held her as a lap child last time, but this time I opted to buy […]


Family Travel Review: Puerto Rico

If you live on the east coast and you’re looking for an easy tropical get-a-way this winter, I’d say check out Puerto Rico. You don’t need a passport (so if you have a new baby, you don’t have to worry about getting them one), and as I mentioned in 5 Tips For Your First Time […]

tips for first trip with baby

5 Tips For Your First Time Traveling With a Baby

Around this time last year, my husband and I started planning our first travel adventure as a family of three. Puerto Rico was our chosen destination, February our chosen month of escape. Roman was 7 months old at the time, and the adventure was a huge success! With baby number two making her debut this January, […]

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