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The Benefits of Traveling With Young Children

Every summer, we visit Mr. Bee’s family in the Philippines in the remote beach town where they live. I used to think that very young children probably wouldn’t remember such a trip. But having visited Mr. Bee’s parents three years in a row, I now see the many benefits of traveling for kids. Olive in [...]


12 Must Haves for Flying With Children

Olive and Charlie have been on 24 and 26 flights respectively —  from hour long flights on puddle jumpers to 14 hour international flights, with their own seats and as lap infants. As they get older what we pack in our carry-on bags continues to pare down, particularly toys, but these are the items that [...]


Traveling to the Philippines with a Toddler and Preschooler

I never got around to finishing my post on our trip to the Philippines last year, so I wanted to get it up since we just got back from our yearly trip this year! Charlie and Olive were 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 when we went last year, and the travel was much, much easier [...]


Flying Solo with a 15 Month Old

Last month I took the plunge and took my toddler on a plane ride. She’s no stranger to air travel—this was her fifth plane trip in her short life—but it was the first time I didn’t have her dad to tag team during the adventure. My plan going in was that less would be more. [...]


Packing for an Airplane: Using the Dollar Store

Mr. Pen’s family lives in New York, so he tries to make a point to visit every year. This year, due to my school and work schedule, I’ll be unable to join him – but he’s planned a fun-filled trip with J and spending lots of time with his family he scarcely sees. In preparation [...]

Quick Tips for Preparing for a Trip without Your Kids

You may have read on a previous post that Mr. Piñata and I went on a 7-night, 9-day trip to Italy and that Little Piñata stayed home with my parents. This involved a whole lot more preparation than I would have imagined! I think I started about a month before our trip and I’m sure [...]


Destination: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

My husband scored four days off over Memorial Day weekend, so we took advantage of his vacation time and went on a mini road trip up to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

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