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Planning our first trip to Disneyland

My oldest daughter is turning 5 in about two weeks and we are finally going to Disneyland to celebrate! We haven’t been able to take our kids yet because I was pregnant, had an infant and the tickets are so expensive. Now that the girls are 2.5 and almost 5, it seems like the right […]


What We’re Packing… When Moving to a Remote Destination

Ever since Kristin wrote her series on living a simpler life, we’ve been trying to embrace decluttering. So once we decided to move to El Nido, we decided to get rid of as much of our belongings as we could, and then put the rest in storage. That’s what Mr. Bee’s parents did when they first […]


Vegas, baby! With a baby.

Well… we did it! We traveled to Las Vegas with a baby. May I just say… I never intended to take the baby to “Sin City” at such an early age and also on a holiday weekend! But I had a huge work conference and thought it might be nice to just try and see how it […]


DIY Kids’ Travel Journal

I came across this art journal years ago on Alphamom, and filed the idea away in the back of my mind. A mom of 5-year-old twins spent a couple minutes every night drawing what their family did that day. The journal was meant for her kids to preserve and talk about memories together, and even read as […]

Surviving a Road Trip With Your Toddler

Since Mr. Garland and I are both teachers, we’ve had a lot of time this summer to do fun things as a family. We don’t travel much as a general rule, but this summer now that Jackson is older we have been venturing out more than usual! We took a few different trips this summer […]


Family Vacation – Outer Banks, NC

We recently returned from a big family vacation in the Outer Banks! This spot is well loved by many on the East Coast for good reason; it’s beautiful! We joined my parents and almost all of my siblings and their families in a big semi-oceanfront rental house. The weather cooperated and we got some good […]

packing checklist

Packing Checklist for International Travel with Kids

Now that the kids are seasoned travelers (Charlie has 30 flights under his belt and Olive has 28), I don’t worry about how they’ll handle all the travel. But going to a remote island in the Philippines still requires a lot of planning because we have to book several plane tickets, a hotel in Manila […]

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