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Year in Review: How we paid off all our debt and moved to Thailand

Our decision to move to the Chiang Mai countryside this month was pretty impulsive. In contrast, our move to Thailand took many years of planning, waiting, debt payoff, saving, and more planning. During these years we were your typical DINKS in many ways – Double Income No Kids. Except we tried to spend only the […]

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Have Children, Will Travel: Pumping While Traveling for Work

While most of my posts involving travel will be about traveling with children, this post is actually about traveling without kids. Just as having kids didn’t deter us from traveling with children, I wasn’t completely ready to let my business travel go (although I did find a new job where I travel significantly less than […]

Our First Trip Away

Last weekend Mr. Garland and I went on our first-ever overnight trip away from Jackson. Mr. Garland had spent nights apart from him in the past for various work things, but it was my first time ever sleeping away from him. You guys, it was terrifying! For months leading up to the trip, I was so […]

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Road & Air Travel Tips for Three Year Olds

The Cotton Candys just got back from a whirlwind three weeks of travel (with a three-day “break” in the middle to work and unpack/re-pack), and I wanted to share some things we learned on our two trips. First, we flew to New York City to spend one day in the city and the rest of […]


Visiting Singapore with Kids

We went to Singapore for 6 days last month, and I think it’s one of the best destinations in the world to visit with kids. There is a ton of culture (Chinese, Indian, Malay), family-friendly attractions, museums, nature, shopping, delicious food, everyone speaks English, it’s easy to get around, and it’s one of the most […]

Tips for a Toddler Road Trip

I just got home from a long weekend road trip with Big P. On Friday morning we packed up the car and started the drive up to Chicago to go to the big event Mr. P has been working on for the past year. My parents graciously offered to watch Little P to make things […]

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Have Children, Will Travel: Dealing With Time Zone Changes

As I mentioned in this post, Mr. Dolphin and I love to travel and firmly believe in the great benefits of traveling with children. One of the biggest challenges is dealing with time zone changes. Because we live on the East Coast, any time we visit our families in California and Seattle, we have to […]

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